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 Royal Loop Sugar Shade with Uno fitter for bridge lamp

Designed by Mary Maxwell, made by Hannah Murphy

Hand sewn, Pink Crepe-Back Satin, with 6" translucent bead fringe, "Sugar" beads on four panels with Victorian Roses design.  Corner panels covered with off-white lace. 

Lampshade, as shown  $300

(Lamp sold)

Many restored antique and vintage brass and iron Bridge Lamps in stock, completely rewired and some refinished. Prices ranging from $159 and up.  

"My Angels" Sugar shade

Designed by Mary Maxwell, made by Hannah Murphy

Hand sewn, double lined, White Silk Chiffon fan pleated side panels, "Sugar" beads on Angel panels front and back, 6" Icicle bead fringe.   Lampshade only, $275

Prices may vary for hand-dyed, custom colors, and/or other style of bead fringe.Click on small pictures to see larger images


maroon1.jpg (36913 bytes) MardiGras2_On.jpg (41466 bytes)

Mardi Gras

designed and made by Hannah Murphy

Hand sewn, double lined,  4" Chainette Fringe, Waverly cotton fabric shown, trimmed with French Scroll braid.   4" top, 13" bottom, 9" tall, 8 scalloped sections. 

 Lampshade only,  $145

Victorian Brass Lamp Base $119

Lamp base only 14-1/2" inches tall.

With shade, 25-1/2" tall.

 Victorian Beauty

  NOTE:  6-inch translucent bead fringe shown on this shade is no longer available.  Now using 4-inch


Designed by Mary Maxwell, made by Hannah Murphy

Hand sewn, double lined, 6" translucent bead fringe, Silk Chiffon Rosettes with Ribbon Rosebud centers front and back,  side panels covered with lace, trimmed with French Scroll Braid.  This shade is made on the "Texas-O" frame.

Lampshade, white as shown      $250

Custom hand-dyed colors $20 extra.

   Lampshade Trims


Traditional lamp shade on Nova frame

This size is a good choice for a lamp with a 3-way bulb

Lined, Covered with Ivory Silk Taffeta, trimmed with #6 Cream Braid (click here to see Trim in detail)

(Lamp not for sale)

 Rose Lady

Designed and made by Hannah Murphy

JoEllen_On.jpg (58223 bytes) JoEllen_Off.jpg (48252 bytes)

4-1/4" Top, 6-1/2" Sides, 8-1/4" Bottom     Gorgeous off-white rose lace overlay on Silk.  Clip-top frame.  This shade looks lovely on every small dresser or bedroom lamp we've tried it on.   We recommend no larger than a 25-watt bulb with this shade.   Shade only, as shown here, $95.00

  A larger frame of this same style can be made for you.  (see "Little Old Lady" frame.)   Cost may be higher, depending on materials used and your choice of bead or fabric fringe.  Washer-top or Uno frame for bridge lamp available).


"Blue Sugar"

Exquisite!   Blue Crepe-back Satin with lace over corner panels.  Four  main panels with old Victorian roses are "sugared" with tiny glass beads.  The glass bead fringe completes this remarkable shade for your floor lamp!  


 If you're looking for something special, e-mail me at:  email: hannah@toledotel.com    

 or call (360) 864-2945

GrapeSS.jpg (21382 bytes) "Christy"  Sugar Shade on Grape frame, lace overlay, antique roses under glass sugar beads, rose braid, and rose bead fringe  $200



Cast Metal, Satin Brass finish, Tiffany-type

12-1/4" base,  22" to top of shade

Lamp alone  $119

Shade as shown $175

With bead fringe, add $50


Washer-Top Shade is made with a layer of Pink Bridal Satin beneath a layer of off-white Lace, trimmed with 3" rayon Fringe, and Pink French Braid on an 8-petal coated frame (rust retardant).  Available in a color combination to match your decor.  3-way Switch is standard for this lamp, as is the Brown 8' cord.               

Allison frame on #9010 lamp (limited supply of this style frame available)


Cast Metal Weathered Brass finish, Tiffany-type

14" base, 25" to top of shade


Scalloped Tiffany frame on #9010 lamp

Lamp alone $119

Shade as shown $125; with 4" chainette fringe $145; with bead fringe $175


We accept credit cards directly.  We also accept other credit card payments only through PayPal.  Call us first to determine shipping charges.

We also accept checks and money orders.  To place an order, call us toll-free, or  send e-mail inquiries to:  hannah@toledotel.com


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Lampshade frames of traditional, turn-of-the-century, and many other shapes and sizes available, as well as custom hand-dyeing colors to suit your decor.  Call our toll-free order & inquiry line for additional  information,  1-888-640-LAMP (5267).   Sales tax of 7.8% applies to Washington sales.  Buyer to pay shipping and insurance costs.  New boxes and lots of styrofoam "peanuts" and bubblewrap used in packing delicate items.  We take every precaution to assure your lamp & shade arrives to you undamaged, but we have no control over the handlers between here and there - that's why we always recommend insurance and shipping US Priority Mail.