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Hardback Lampshades by Hannah Murphy and David Ripley

Handcrafted Wood Lamps by Jeff Ripley

Hardback Lampshades can be made for table lamps, bridge lamps, and floor lamps.  Pressure-sensitive styrene is plastic lampshade material with one smooth side and one sticky side.  You can apply almost any kind of fabric or paper to make your own unique lampshade, or we will make the lampshade for you.    Some of our most popular shades are the Horses lampshade, the Golfers lampshade, and the Sports lampshade.  We've used Gift Wrap very successfully for novelty lampshades.  We keep Heavy Pressure-Sensitive Styrene in stock at all times.

Ready-to-use Styrene comes with fabric already applied, with matching bias trims,  including White or Ivory Silk Shantung,  Creamy Textured Silk, Natural Onionskin, Natural Oiled Kraft Paper, Off-White Parchment, Linen, Black Leatherette with White back, Fine Muslin, "Elephant Hide" which has a leather look, and Rice Paper in White, Black, or Hunter Green.    We also carry a heavy, glossy cardstock material printed with "Old World Map".  (click here for pictures of "Old World Map".)    Another very unique lampshade material is called "Earth's Treasure" - a styrene backing, with real leaves and grass embedded.   Plain styrene is used with special pleated fabrics and trims.  (Bonus:  As a long-time quilter, I have found leftover plain styrene pieces wonderful to make my own quilt pattern templates!)   Recently we've added several species of real Wood Veneer for unique and beautiful lampshades, including White Ash, White Oak, White Birch, and Knotty Pine.   Our complete line of Genuine Mica lampshades will be pictured soon.

Styrene is slightly flexible.  It works very well for slightly-curved victorian-style frame panels, but is best suited for straight, flat panels, or traditional arc (round) patterns.  Frames or ring wires wrapped with seam binding provide a stronger surface for adhesives, allowing the styrene to stick better than to the unfinished surface of the wire rings.   I use special lampshade maker's glue, but you can use any brand-name glue so long as it is clear when dry.  You can use a glue gun also, but I can't seem to get the hang of a glue gun!  The styrene is held to the wire or frame with clip clothes pins, or "bulldog" clips until completely dry.   Trim off any excess styrene from the top and bottom.  For a professional touch, apply a narrow grosgrain ribbon around the top and bottom, tucking under the wire on the inside.   A small slit must be made at each of the top wires so the ribbon wraps snugly around.   Apply a matching color Bias Binding or Braid for the final step.  You'll be amazed with the "high-priced" look you can achieve with this method!  There is almost no end to the ideas you'll come up with.

With our Off-White Parchment, and a little ingenuity, you can create unlimited artwork to print on your own ink-jet printer, apply a coat of Clear Acrylic Sealer to keep colors from running and make them permanent.  This is especially easy to do by printing on panels, cut and glue to the wire struts of square or hexagon frames, then cover the "seams" with a narrow strip of braid or velvet.

For more information, or if I can help you with your lampshade projects, please write, call, or fax.

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 send e-mail inquiries to:  hannah@toledotel.com


We accept credit card payments directly.  Any other credit card payment can be made through PayPal at https://www.paypal.com.  Call us first to determine shipping and insurance charges.

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Mica1_On.jpg (27356 bytes)

Click here for Genuine Mica lampshades, hand crafted by David Ripley

Knotty Pine wood veneer shade

Click here for more wood veneer lampshades


 Unique Channel Shades 

(click on pictures to enlarge)

  ChannelOn.jpg (49226 bytes)  ChannelBoth.jpg (58731 bytes)  ChannelShade.jpg (44804 bytes) ChannelBody.jpg (48667 bytes)


Burlap with Fish Picture  (Uno shade for Bridge Lamp)  $49

6" Top, 12" Bottom, 7-1/2" tall

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HorsesShade.jpg (33162 bytes)  HorsesShadeOn2.jpg (37330 bytes)  HorsesShadeOn.jpg (48481 bytes)

100% Cotton on Styrene, Leather Laced  $79

6" top, 12" bottom, 8-1/2" tall

Can be made with standard Washer Top for lamp with Harp,  or with Uno fitter for Bridge Lamp

(Brass Horse Head 2-1/4" tall Finial sold separately $18.00)




Can be made with standard Washer Top for lamp with Harp,  or with Uno fitter for Bridge Lamp


Glossy paper on Styrene, trimmed with grosgrain ribbon and faux leather trim  $59



Old Nautical Map, trimmed with grosgrain ribbon and bias trim 

Click on pictures to enlarge to full size

6" top, 12" bottom, 8-1/2" tall  $69.00

Can be made with standard Washer Top for lamp with Harp,  or with Uno fitter for Bridge Lamp



8" top, 12" bottom, 9" tall for Bridge Lamp  $79.00



Candelabra Clip shades for Chandelier

6" x 6" x 6" trimmed with grosgrain ribbon and matching bias trim

(Click on pictures to enlarge)


Made in the U.S.A.


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AfricanHardback.jpg (73673 bytes)

Hardback shade for hanging lamp, customer's fabric


NEW "Parrots" Fabric for Hardback Shades

Click on picture to enlarge

6" x 12" x 8"  $69.00

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



 Trains1.jpg (123108 bytes) Trains2.jpg (118560 bytes) Trains3.jpg (110558 bytes)


(Click on pictures to enlarge)

6 different scenes of Steam Locomotives 

from 1837 England, 1849 & 1861 France, 1869 United States, 1886 Canada, & 1890 Holland  

An ideal gift for any train enthusiast!

Hexagon shade is 9" across top, 13" across bottom, 10" tall.  

Each leather-look panel is 4-1/2" at top, 7" across bottom



Clip-Top Lampshade for "Hey, Diddle, Diddle" Lamp

HDDOn.jpg (25557 bytes)  HDDOff.jpg (40418 bytes)

click on pictures to enlarge

Snow White Dulcote (heavy card stock)

WhiteDulcoteDrum.jpg (10606 bytes)  WhiteDulcote_Off.jpg (9779 bytes)

9" top x 9" bottom x 9" tall drum  $39

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"Light Rock"

 LightRockOn.jpg (54348 bytes)  LightRockOff.jpg (44941 bytes) LightRockOn2.jpg (48234 bytes)

6" washer top, 12" bottom, 8" tall     $39



Sports Lampshade  6" washer top, 12" bottom, 8" tall     $39

(also available with clip-top fitter.  Finials cannot be used with clip-top fitter)

 Sports_Football.jpg (39530 bytes) 

shown here with Football Finial sold separately $19

(click on pictures to enlarge)


Sports_Shade.jpg (42700 bytes)

Shade only $39

Finials sold separately

Sports_Volleyball.jpg (47519 bytes)

Volleyball Finial $19

Sports_Baseball.jpg (38246 bytes)

Baseball Finial $19

Sports_Basketball.jpg (40659 bytes) 

Basketball Finial $19

Golf Bag Finial $25

(solid brass bag and clubs, shown on lampshade on right)

Golf Ball Pull $12

prices do not include shipping charges,  which depend on your zip code.



Golfers.jpg (37022 bytes)  

Click to enlarge

6" top, 12" bottom, 10" tall      $109

8" top x 14" bottom  x 11" tall    $119

10" top x 14" bottom x 12" tall  $129

12" top x 15" bottom x 12" tall  $139

Waverly decorator fabric on styrene, trimmed with Olive braid




Cherry Blossoms

Silk Brocade on Styrene


CherryBlossomsHex.jpg (66305 bytes)  CherryBlossomsStyrene.jpg (56254 bytes) StyreneHexInside.jpg (25116 bytes)

Thumbnail pictures - click on images to enlarge.



Cast Metal Weathered Brass finish, Tiffany-type

14" base, 25" to top of shade

Washer-top Shade is 100% Cotton on pressure-sensitive styrene,  trimmed with matching bias fabric and Heritage Blue French Braid on a 16-section scalloped frame (rust retardant coating).  Lovely with fringe added (extra charge).  3-way Switch; Brown 8' cord. 

Scalloped Tiffany frame on #9010 lamp

Lamp alone $99

Shade as shown $125; with 4" chainette fringe $145; with bead fringe $175

Thumbnail pictures - click on images to enlarge.

Onionskin on Styrene

ClausShades.jpg (33042 bytes)

Thumbnail pictures - click on images to enlarge.


Wild West Rodeo

(goes on Hi-Ho Silver lamp)

100% Cotton Print on Styrene

$39 shade only

RodeoShade.jpg (84588 bytes) 

click pictures to enlarge

Hi-Ho Silver Lamp

Vintage Lamp with kid's metal cap gun

HiHoSilverLamp.jpg (86570 bytes)

$89 with "Wild West Rodeo" shade on left

Roger.jpg (18993 bytes)

Roger'sLamp.jpg (27663 bytes)

"Lunt Cream" Styrene

This styrene material looks like leather, trimmed with brown velvet top and bottom.   Made for customer's special lamp  - a 30-year-old moose foot from Alberta, Canada, given to him by his father. 

Note the unique Eagle finial, a perfect complement for a wildlife theme.


"Denim Daffodils

 Hand painted by local artist, Sandy, who also paints children's furniture and unusual kitchen & patio items. 

      Handcrafted lampshades including softback or silk shades, and hardback laminated shades.  Materials inventory for hand-sewn lampshades include Shantung, Brocade, Cotton, Silk, Rayon, even Denim!  These and many more styrene laminated and lampshade stock available, including 'Old World Map' and Rice papers.

Hundreds of frames of many sizes and shapes in stock, as well as dozens of colors and types of ribbons and trims.    Prices depend on size of shade and materials used.  Average-size shades using styrene-laminated materials begin around $50.   Call to request additional information and prices of items not listed.    1-888-640-LAMP (5267)


This is the same Rice Paper shade  to show different lighting effect on fibers.

Available in Black, White, or Hunter Green

These are all thumbnail pictures.  Click to enlarge

UnoRicePaper.jpg (35688 bytes) 

UnoRiceOn.jpg (44326 bytes)  Green Rice Paper

White Rice Paper

WhiteRice2.jpg (17310 bytes)  WhiteRice1.jpg (15314 bytes)

Earth's Treasures, Leather Laced 

ETHexUnoLaced.jpg (37773 bytes) ETHexUnoLaced_On.jpg (30488 bytes)

ETLL_On.jpg (25411 bytes) ETLLaced.jpg (31754 bytes)

See more details on bridge lamp shades at:

Hardback Uno Bridge Lamp Lampshades



100% Cotton on Styrene

Brocade on Styrene - no longer available.  All shades on frames with curved surfaces are hand sewn.

'Earth Treasures' (real leaves & grass)

Homespun Styrene

Brocade on Styrene - no longer available



Allison frame - available in hand-sewn version only

Victorian Lampshades

Click here for Beautiful new  Victorian Lampshades 


Pleated Material on Plain Styrene 

One of the most difficult shades I've ever made!  No frame to re-cover - just odd- sized Oval top and bottom rings.  I contacted several  architects, math experts, draftsmen, cad experts, and other lampshade makers.  Nobody could tell me the formula for drafting an oval arc.  Finally my son built a wooden "template" the exact dimensions I needed!  It turned out perfectly!


TBear.jpg (17816 bytes)



Gift Wrap on Pressure-Sensitive Styrene


RectangleRoundCorner.jpg (20635 bytes)

Rectangle Round Corner (custom restoration)

Covered with mushroom pleated material over styrene backing.

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