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webolnew.jpg (12626 bytes) 'Webol'   

      All lamps are fitted with UL listed and approved components.  They are available with standard push-thru type switch or 3-way switch.  Cord colors are Gold, Brown, or White - 8' or 15-foot.  Felt is applied to bottom of all lamps. 

       A photo doesn't do this beautiful work justice! You have to see them to believe it!    (Click on pictures to enlarge.)

  These majestic pieces of artwork will make a beautiful, bold statement in your home.    

        Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Oak, or a combination of hardwoods can be used.  Lamps on this page are furnished with shade shown, but you may choose any feature, shade, or color you desire.    Customer pays shipping; WA residents add 7.7% sales tax. 


redoak.jpg (8855 bytes)

'Milk Bottle'

Mahogany 'Webol'   5/4" laminated, 19";   30" tall from base to top of shade.  8" base plate, 4-1/2" across widest part of body.  Shown with Fine Muslin Shade 10" x 16" x 11"trimmed with Grosgrain Ribbon and French Braid.  Cord is 8' Gold color.  Push-Thru Switch. 

Oak 'Milk Bottle'  1" laminated, 11".  23" to top of shade.  5-1/2" across widest part of body.  Red Shade is 8" top x 14" bottom, 8" long, trimmed with Grosgrain Ribbon and matching French Braid.  Brown 8' Cord; Push-Thru Switch. 

    Sometimes a new shade is all it takes to make an old lamp useful again.  We can re-cover your old lampshade frame or make a  shade using a new frame, a different shape perhaps.  Many frames, materials and fabrics available.   If you're a Quilter, and have fabrics left over from a quilt you've made,  we can use your fabric to make a matching lampshade for your bedroom lamp.  We use matching color Grosgrain Ribbon on top and bottom wires - not paper tape like you see in discount stores.  If item description and prices are not shown, click on e-mail link to request more information.        

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