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'Chess Pawn'     


     'Tulips'     $145 each

'May Pole'


'Tulips'  Laminated 5/4 Maple, 13"  20-1/2" to top of shade.  2-3/4" across body at widest point,  with 5" base.  Shown with our own Clip-Top shades of 100% Cotton prints laminated to styrene backing.  6" x 10" x 8" shades and White 8' cords. 

Ideal for Bedroom, with shades to match Quilts or other room decor.  Children love this one with a novelty shade especially designed for him/her, such as the Checkered Flag Indy lamp, the Sail Boat, or any other theme of interest to a child.  There is no limit to the possibilities of this one!


Mahogany 'Chess Pawn'   5/4" laminated, 16";   27" tall from base to top of shade.  5" across widest part of body.  Shown with Sand Homespun Shade 10" x 16" x 11" with bias fabric trim.   Brown 8' Cord.  Three-Way Switch.   For a different look, add an 8" wood base plate for $15 more.  Available in Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Maple, or Mahogany as shown.

'May Pole'  5/4" laminated Walnut between two pieces of Birdseye (Quilted) Maple,  19-1/2".  30" to top of shade.  2-1/2" across widest part of lamp body with 8" base of solid 5/4" Birdseye Maple.  'Earth Treasure'  Shade is REAL leaf and grass pieces embedded in styrene laminate 8" top x 14" bottom, 10" long, trimmed with Brown bias fabric trim.  Brown 8' Cord; Push-Thru Switch.  Available in many beautiful hardwood combinations.

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