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Diana F.


Medium Umbrella frame, "Bouquet" Silk Jacquard




'Marilyn' frame with Crown  with bead fringe  $425.00

BobBirds1.jpg (62671 bytes) BobBirds2.jpg (53480 bytes) BobBirdsBig.jpg (74310 bytes) BobBirdsOn2.jpg (49970 bytes)
Sugar Shade with Birds (different bird on each side)

Napoleon frame, covered with Olive Green Crepe-Back Satin, trimmed with Green & Gold Bead Fringe and Special Braid.

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"Little Old Lady frame"  -  Custom-dyed Silk Jacquard and trims.


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More pictures of "Ruby"


Specially designed by customer for their Victorian Bed & Breakfast

Shirred Silk Chiffon on large bottom panels, Lace overlay on diamond panels, 12 tassels on diamond sides.  

Chiffon and 6" fringe custom dyed to match colors in 100% cotton print by Jinny Beyer



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Vintage Capodimonte with Cherubs Lamp

Baby Hearts Shade

Double lined, White Silk Jacquard, with Pink Satin Hearts inset.   Trimmed with glass Icicle Bead fringe  and Dusty Rose French Scroll Braid..  Truly  one-of-a-kind to light up your life!

Lamp Only     $360.00  SOLD

Shade Only     $455.00




Cameo II   Cameo2Lit.jpg (26988 bytes)$360


Custom-dyed silk jacquard with lace overlay on top and side panels, rosettes with satin rose front and back panels, rich clear glass bead and pearl fringe.  

Looks wonderful on a crystal lamp.

V-notched scalloped bell frame

(V-Notched Scalloped frame no longer available)

"Silk 'n Spectra" drapery fabric


Custom lampshade for Florida designer

similar frames:  "Marilyn" and "Scarborough"

Green "Curve" for customer in Florida


"Bubble Cone"  for Bridge Lamp $175

Cut Corner Square


A pair of antique plain bell shaped frames re-covered  with 100% cotton print 

"Victorian Day at the Beach"

$89 each with fringe

$79 each without fringe

Victorian-style old Milkglass and metal lamp with new "Little Old Lady" shade.   Base is stamped 'Accurate Casting Co., Inc. #4181' All original parts, except lamp has been newly rewired with 3-wire socket.   Can have both top and bottom lights on, only the top light, or only the bottom section with 4-watt bulb to serve as a lovely night light.  6-foot brown cord.  Shade is 8-ribbed, double-lined,  covered with hand-dyed Red Silk Jacquard with matching Red French Braid and Fringe.  Measures 7" across top, 10" across bottom, and 10" from top of shade to bottom of fringe.  Overall lamp height 25". 


Shade just like it, on "Little Old Lady" frame,    $139

Lotus (medium size)

Double lined, Six panels alternating White Silk Jacquard with hand-dyed Brown Silk Chiffon Fan Pleats.  Six-inch fabric fringe also hand-dyed for a variegated look.  Trimmed with matching dyed French Scroll Braid.

Shade Only          $189.00

with bead fringe instead of chainette, $239

(3 other sizes available)


"Betty" washer-top frame, covered with Jinny Beyer 100% cotton fabric on 4 panels, dyed mint-green silk chiffon rosettes on 4 panels, trimmed with 6" bead fringe




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The Gatsby

Ever see a purple lampshade?   It is gorgeous, with matching hand-dyed French Scroll Braid and the Fabric Fringe dyed about half way up to give a striking contrast of color.

Shade Only   $129

You choose the color!


Off-White Brocade, trimmed with hand-dyed Gold French Scroll Braid and 2" Fabric Fringe, on a bedroom-size antique lamp.  Shade is made with a Mini-Texas O frame.

    Shade only  $95


 Almost a duplicate of the Victorian Beauty, only smaller.  Perfect for boudoir.  As shown below, with glass bead fringe, lace overlay and Silk Chiffon Rosette on front and back, $110. 

 Shade with heavy brass lamp  $179 

All lampshades are hand made by Hannah Murphy, Across-The-Board Woodworks, Toledo, Washington

Studio  (360) 864-2945

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Coming soon:  Fantastic one-of-a-kind Sugar Shades with whatever photograph you furnish.

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