Table Lamp Shades by Hannah Murphy

    Lampshade makers are passionate about their craft.  There is no end to the creativity that can be expressed in a custom hand-sewn lampshade.   I've heard it said that lamps and lighting are usually the last thing a new home owner thinks about.  Even if you're not a new home owner, a brand new feeling will emerge just changing lampshades on your existing lamps.  The quality of our hand-sewn Custom lampshades is excellent, yet pricing is reasonable.  

     Many of you have cherished old family heirloom lamps that have been around for generations, and you want to re-create the nostalgic feeling of days gone by.  Whether you have a valuable antique lamp, or a recent acquisition, just knowing a lampshade has been made especially for your lamp makes it special.    Hannah's custom-made lampshades will become heirlooms by themselves!   

     She uses only the finest materials available, meticulous needlework, and fabrics, colors, and trims you select.   We have over 3,000 lampshade frames in stock - all sizes, shapes and styles.   Call for a free consultation with Hannah regarding re-covering and restoration of old lampshades or new lampshades for table lamps, floor lamps, and bridge lamps.     We also carry an extensive inventory of repair parts for old lamps, so if you have an old lamp drifting in the attic that needs to be updated, contact us.   Check the link called "Lamp Parts & Lamp Hardware Index".   Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Toll-free  1-888-640-LAMP (5267)

 Current estimated completion: 5 - 6 weeks.

Names shown below are the names of the frame used.

Oriental Style Lampshades shown at this link:  Oriental Lampshades


For Large Table Lamp

"Classic" frame, made for Cassandra

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Off-White "Bouquet" Silk Jacquard, double lined, 5" double layer Chainette Fringe, with French Scroll Braid $500.00


Sheryl's Cherub Lamp with Hearts Shade


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Susan H.

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Small "Mom" Washer-Top Frame, Covered with Dusty Rose "Bouquet" Silk Jacquard




"Little Old Lady" frame, covered with "Plume" design black burnout velvet , with Black/Gold/Clear Bead Fringe

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Medium Lotus frame

Black Silk Shantung with Scroll Braid Trim


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Chimney Shade

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Round Ring in top center of shade sits on a glass chimney

6" Top, 14" bottom (point-to-point),  7" tall


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More table lamp Victorian shades shown on "Sugar Shades" link




V-Notch Scallop Frame  DISCONTINUED

12" top, 17" bottom, 15" tall not counting fringe; washer fitter dropped 3"

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Katie frame


 LighthouseOff.jpg (194827 bytes)  LighthouseOn.jpg (181860 bytes)  LighthouseLining.jpg (192643 bytes)

Customer's daughter made this beautiful cross-stitch Lighthouse used to create a very unique lampshade - a family heirloom, for sure!

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Linda K Umbrella shade for Piano Lamp

 KomoUmbrellaOn2.jpg (98563 bytes)   KomoUmbrella.jpg (76848 bytes)   KomoUmbrellaOn.jpg (71498 bytes)

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James G Reversed Scallop Umbrella 

BlackamoorLamp.jpg (188353 bytes)

 RevScalUmbOn3.jpg (46039 bytes)  RevScalUmbr4.jpg (40821 bytes)  



 KendraBlue.jpg (38452 bytes)  KendraBlue2.jpg (33930 bytes)

Simple Bell frame covered with Blue Silk Shantung

(Silk can be dyed any color you wish)

Cliff M

Front CMagCCRect.jpg (18283 bytes)  CMagSide.jpg (19207 bytes) Side

Inverted Cut Corner Rectangle



VNotchGaylene3.jpg (23452 bytes)  VNotchGaylene.jpg (18726 bytes)  VNotchGayleneOn.jpg (33478 bytes)

V-Notch Scallop frame DISCONTINUED


GishOffWhite.jpg (118411 bytes) GishOffWhiteOn.jpg (97176 bytes) GishOffWhiteOn2.jpg (150881 bytes) GishPeachLamp.jpg (124246 bytes)

"Gish" frame covered with cream 'Bouquet' silk jacquard, acrylic teardrop bead fringe to match


MagCarpetElaine1.jpg (42768 bytes)      MagCarpetElaine4.jpg (24820 bytes)  MagCarpetElaine5.jpg (26222 bytes)  MagCarpetElaine3.jpg (37986 bytes)  MagCarpetElaine2.jpg (50557 bytes)

Small "Magic Carpet" frame for Elaine


Kristie V

KristieVon.jpg (126201 bytes)  KristieVoff.jpg (106951 bytes)  KristieVOn2.jpg (107792 bytes)

"Marilyn" frame with crown   $395

Covered with Silk Jacquard, "Floral Paisley" pattern, with 4" chainette fringe

* * * * * * * * * * *

"Marilyn" frame, without crown   $375

Covered with Silk Jacquard "Plume" pattern, with 4" chainette fringe

MarilynPlumeOn2.jpg (59273 bytes)  MarilynPlumeOff.jpg (52207 bytes)  MarilynPlumeOn.jpg (57493 bytes)


CSMarquessaOn2.jpg (26870 bytes)  CSMarquessa2.jpg (19726 bytes)  CSMarquessa1.jpg (13244 bytes)  CSMarquessaOn.jpg (23706 bytes)

Cathy's "Marquessa"  (Frame no longer available)


Hannah frame, created to look like the shades in the movie, "The Queen"

HannahWithCrown.jpg (21157 bytes)  HannahFrame.jpg (85659 bytes)



RRshadeOff.jpg (62112 bytes) RRshadeOn.jpg (79474 bytes) RRshadeON2.jpg (123768 bytes) RRLamp_shade.jpg (63426 bytes)

Cut Corner Rectangle Bell - Top 7x9",  Bottom 12x17-1/4",  12-1/2" Tall   $169



JuliaOn2.jpg (30705 bytes)    Light On   JuliaOff3.jpg (38112 bytes) Light Off

V-Notched Scalloped Bell frame DISCONTINUED


CherryBlossomsStyrene.jpg (56254 bytes) Patrick 

CherryBlossomsHex.jpg (66305 bytes)

"Cherry Blossoms" silk brocade on styrene.  Large Hexagon Frame.  $139



WhiteLadies4.jpg (50527 bytes) WhiteLadies2.jpg (47889 bytes) WhiteLadies.jpg (42942 bytes) WhiteLadies3.jpg (49802 bytes)  WhiteLadiesInside.jpg (23826 bytes)

Lady Victoria, on Large Scalloped Bell  $220




 Boston Crab    $365        

BCrab3.jpg (28352 bytes) Light Off   BCrab5.jpg (36760 bytes) Light On   BCrabLining.jpg (23771 bytes) Inside Lining   BCrab6.jpg (19396 bytes) Side view



Medium Lotus  $215 - Silk Shantung with self-fabric bias trim

LotusSnyder.jpg (46653 bytes) LotusSnyder2.jpg (37743 bytes)


 OrchidAS1.jpg (41514 bytes) Antique Scallop $220

angie2.jpg (22241 bytes) My Angels Provincial Oval $250

debshirred.jpg (32278 bytes) Empire  $99

Anita_On2jpg.jpg (53779 bytes) Marilyn with Crown $395

Ted5.jpg (50073 bytes) Antique Scallop $245

SharonOn.jpg (32645 bytes) Medium Lotus  $219

StrawHat_On.jpg (42934 bytes) Hat $229

BellaRose1.jpg (87983 bytes) Bella Rose  $249

WhiteHart.jpg (29991 bytes) Heart's Delight  $289

vicbeach1.jpg (19442 bytes) Round Bell  $89

BabyLotus_Orchid.jpg (33714 bytes) Mini-Texas-O Cliptop $130

LotusSong2.jpg (63738 bytes) Lotus Song  $289

buttercup2.jpg (27428 bytes) Buttercup $159

FancyDrums.jpg (28977 bytes) Fancy Fluted Drum (no longer available)

1550Sugar.jpg (40583 bytes) 1550 Bridge or WT  $179


Swallow_Crown_Rosette.jpg (41000 bytes) Swallow with Crown $425

DenimRect.jpg (52536 bytes) Cut-Corner Rectangle Bell $129

NBCShade1.jpg (131581 bytes) Skirt  $269

LilacsRoses2.jpg (63567 bytes) Provincial Oval $285

MardiGras2_On.jpg (41466 bytes) Medium Umbrella  $145

VBCrystal.jpg (36014 bytes) Texas-O  $250

GosfordPark_off.jpg (76446 bytes) London Bridge with Crown

brnwht.jpg (18850 bytes) Large Lotus  $189

BGon.jpg (32641 bytes) Little Old Lady $139

CameoII.jpg (23525 bytes) Cameo II  $289

GatsbyGracesOn.jpg (86891 bytes) Gatsby Tulip $129

riceon.jpg (30313 bytes) Hardback $89

Jacqueline3.jpg (24122 bytes)

LMDrum.jpg (22159 bytes)

green1.JPG (21439 bytes) Barbara  $199

Hopesy1.jpg (64147 bytes) Sine Ring $259

Hat2a.jpg (122985 bytes) custom Hat (no longer available)

SylviaOn.jpg (31033 bytes) Mongoose  $229

CooperOn.jpg (15777 bytes) Frederick Cooper lamp

Nova1.jpg (29654 bytes) Nova  $179

Samantha1.jpg (55038 bytes) Shallow Scallop 1155  $189


MongooseGail.jpg (87648 bytes) Mongoose $229

Dolly.jpg (22914 bytes) Cameo  $225

PurpleMiniShelly2.jpg (85464 bytes) Mini-Sunset (or Fan)


2Marinas.jpg (41685 bytes) Marilyn with Crown $425 each


magnolia.jpg (93091 bytes) V-Notch Scallop Bell FRAME DISCONTINUED


Sue1.jpg (79144 bytes) Medium Cut-Corner Rectangle Bell  $159

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