Victorian Sugar Shades by Hannah Murphy

Almost a lost art, Victorian "sugar shades" are not really made of sugar, but tiny glass beads the size of sugar grains, applied to one or more panels of custom sewn lampshades.   Striking results can be achieved with the endless possibilities,  either formal, informal, or novelty lampshades.  Almost any picture or decal can be used.  For instructional video to learn how to make these beautiful lampshades, click here:  How to Make Victorian Lampshades Instruction Video

Order line:  1-888-640-LAMP (5267)  9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Thursday-Sunday

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Sugar shades are difficult to photograph because of the glare caused by the flash against the glass beads.  The pictures may look distorted or "washed out".   In reality, they are gorgeous!

 Current estimated completion: 5 - 6 weeks.


Royal Loop Sugar Shade for Bridge Lamp





 "Kristine" sugar shade with 'Sunrise' beads at points

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KristineBeads.jpg (69392 bytes) KristineBeadsOff.jpg (94787 bytes)

Front: Glass sugar beads over cotton print, Victorian Girl holding Kitten

KristineBeads2on.jpg (70264 bytes)  KristineBeads2off.jpg (89070 bytes)

Back:  Glass sugar beads over cotton print, Victorian Girl feeding Birds

White Silk Chiffon shirring in gallery, White Burn-out Velvet on sides with 6" variegated chainette fringe, and 'Sunrise' Bead fringe at each of the 8 points

$625 plus shipping & insurance



"Old Flowers" Victorian Sugar Shade 

Designed and hand made by Hannah Murphy

 OldFlowersWithLamp.jpg (53577 bytes)

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OldFlowersSSoff.jpg (50559 bytes) OldFlowersSSFrontOn.jpg (62767 bytes) OldFlowersSStop.jpg (32766 bytes) OldFlowersSSBottom.jpg (42547 bytes) OldFlowersSSside.jpg (36568 bytes)

Creamy pastel yellow crepe, with front and back panels "sugared" with thousands of tiny glass beads over vintage Flowers & Butterflies decal.  Trimmed with Periwinkle Blue scroll braid.  Unusual glass bead fringe of periwinkle and lavender glass "cat's eye" and bugle bead fringe.  Completely lined, hand sewn (only part glued is the braid, with special lampshade maker's glue).  

$385 plus shipping and insurance

Only one available - materials not available to make another one just like it.

Shown on "Divine Light" crystal & brass lamp, sold separately for $289 plus shipping & insurance


Grape_VictGirls.jpg (52851 bytes)  VictGirlsOff.jpg (63531 bytes)  VictGirlsTassel.jpg (71955 bytes) 

Victorian Girls sugar shade on Grape frame with matching tassel pull-cord for bridge lamp   $289



bluesugar.jpg (61636 bytes)     

Blue Sugar on Le Elegance frame with Glass Bead Fringe  $469


  angie2.jpg (22241 bytes)

"My Angels" sugar shade, Provincial Oval frame

Based on Mary Maxwell's design

bridgeon.jpg (24807 bytes)  

"Royal Loop" bridge lamp shade


VictGirl2.jpg (30231 bytes)   VictGirlCloseUp.jpg (91830 bytes)

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Victorian Girl Sugar Shade on Honey frame 


1550BrownLit.jpg (69210 bytes)  1550Brown2.jpg (74068 bytes)  1550BrownCloseup.jpg (72784 bytes)    

Front Side


1550BrownClose2.jpg (68720 bytes) 1550BrownLit2.jpg (72054 bytes) 1550Brown.jpg (75383 bytes)

Back Side

Cherubs Sugar Shade on #1550 frame - different cherub images on front and back


Birds6.jpg (57533 bytes)    Bird7.jpg (62184 bytes)

Birds of Prey sugar shade - SOLD


1550Sugar.jpg (40583 bytes) 

Pink Cherubs on #1550 frame

   LilacsRosesCloseUp.jpg (115995 bytes)    LilacsRoses3.jpg (68130 bytes) lilacrose.jpg (15084 bytes)

"Nicole" sugar shade, with Lilacs & Roses


BobBirdsOn2.jpg (49970 bytes)   BobBirds1.jpg (62671 bytes)

Bird Lovers sugar shade on Napoleon frame  

kristine.jpg (32971 bytes)

"Kristine" sugar shade with girl feeding chickens


 bergrose.jpg (10366 bytes) OL-8199-Scintellation-Iris-.jpg (70261 bytes)

Burgundy Roses, Irises decals

    summrose.jpg (13423 bytes) pansbig1.jpg (20610 bytes)

 Summertime Roses and Pansies decals

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