Oriental Style Lamp Shades by Hannah Murphy

    Lampshade makers are passionate about their craft.  There is no end to the creativity that can be expressed in a custom hand-sewn lampshade.   I've heard it said that lamps and lighting are usually the last thing a new home owner thinks about.  Even if you're not a new home owner, a brand new feeling will emerge just changing lampshades on your existing lamps. 

     Many of you have cherished old family heirloom lamps that have been around for generations, and you want to re-create the nostalgic feeling of days gone by.  Whether you have a valuable antique lamp, or a recent acquisition, just knowing a lampshade has been made especially for your lamp makes it special.    Hannah's custom-made lampshades will become heirlooms by themselves!   

     She uses only the finest materials available, meticulous needlework, and fabrics, colors, and trims you select.   We have over 3,000 lampshade frames in stock - all sizes, shapes and styles.   Call for a free consultation with Hannah regarding re-covering and restoration of old lampshades or new lampshades for table lamps, floor lamps, and bridge lamps.     We also carry an extensive inventory of repair parts for old lamps, so if you have an old lamp drifting in the attic that needs to be updated, contact us.   Check the link called "Lamp Parts & Lamp Hardware Index".   Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Toll-free  1-888-640-LAMP (5267)

Names shown below are the names of the frame used.


Windsongs for Leah

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Windsongs for Kathryn

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"Tulip Bell"

3" x 9" x 13"  Gold/Celery Green Silk Brocade

As shown above,  $99 plus shipping and insurance

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Custom hand sewn, made in America  


Silk/Linen blend, self fabric bias trim

 As shown, $179 plus shipping and insurance

Fabric and trims your choice - Chainette or Bead Fringe extra




WindSongInside.jpg (23701 bytes)  WindSongBlack.jpg (23713 bytes)   ChineseBlackOn.jpg (22524 bytes)  ChineseBlack4.jpg (34035 bytes)  ChineseBlack3.jpg (25800 bytes)  ChineseBlackOff.jpg (18577 bytes)

Oriental flare:  "Wind Song" Frame - Suitable for Large Table Lamp or Floor Lamp  

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WindsongJenelleOn.jpg (35318 bytes) WindsongJenelle.jpg (29810 bytes) WindsongLiningJenelle.jpg (31375 bytes)


With balloon lining, as shown, $389 - $459 depending on fabrics and trims

"Balloon Lining" = single layer of lining sewn on inside of frame to hide the struts

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

WindsongTerryOutside.jpg (33714 bytes)

WindsongDragon.jpg (262984 bytes)

Customer's Carved Dragon Wooden Floor Lamp

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Windsong for Donna

 with double layer of lining sewn on outside of wrapped struts, before outer silk applied


$359 as shown, plus estimated $45 shipping & insurance

Finial sold separately -  $17.00

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ShintoSnyder2.jpg (35275 bytes)  ShintoSnyder1.jpg (39560 bytes)    ShintoSnyder3.jpg (27116 bytes)

"Shinto" frame, using customer's fabric & trim   $289

$359 - $459 if we furnish fabric and trims


 PhairSnyder1.jpg (44058 bytes)  PhairSnyder3.jpg (38554 bytes) PhairSnyder2.jpg (44215 bytes) PhairSnyder4.jpg (37821 bytes)

Medium "Phair" frame, using customer's fabric

$279 - $329 depending on fabric and trims



MagCarpetElaine1.jpg (42768 bytes)      MagCarpetElaine4.jpg (24820 bytes)  MagCarpetElaine5.jpg (26222 bytes)  MagCarpetElaine3.jpg (37986 bytes)  MagCarpetElaine2.jpg (50557 bytes)

Small "Magic Carpet" frame

$195 - $245 depending on fabric and trims



Bluebells_Black.jpg (31091 bytes) BluebellRobin.jpg (136458 bytes) BluebellUnderSide.jpg (98814 bytes)

Bluebell Frame 

$259 - $299 depending on fabric and trims

(click pictures to enlarge) 


BluebellRedBlack.jpg (46998 bytes)

Another version of the Bluebell frame, with Bead & Tassel Fringe



LotusSong2.jpg (63738 bytes)

'Lotus Song' frame



Pagoda_II_On.jpg (40329 bytes)  Pagoda_II_rainbow.jpg (40376 bytes)

Pagoda II frame (very large)

$425 - $550 depending on fabric and trims

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StrawHat_On.jpg (42934 bytes)

"Straw Hat" frame

$249 - $299 depending on fabric and trims



SueV.jpg (58572 bytes)  Sue2.pg.jpg (73555 bytes)  Sue1.jpg (79144 bytes)

Medium sized Cut-Corner Rectangle frame

$229 - $289 depending on fabric and trims


MongooseGail.jpg (87648 bytes)

"Mongoose" frame

$269 - $299 depending on fabric and trims



Netsuke2599.jpg (47355 bytes) OrientalFinials.jpg (163461 bytes) OrientalFinials2.jpg (57086 bytes) NetsukeWiseman.jpg (48134 bytes) NetsukeFinials.jpg (100607 bytes)

Oriental Finials - Brass and Genuine Netsuke Carved Resin

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