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Any of these shades can be custom made for you using fabric, trims, and colors of your choice

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We don't have a shopping cart or order form on our website on purpose.  We'd like to talk to you to make sure the items you order will meet your needs for your particular lamp project.   If something is not the right size, Return shipments are costly for you and for us, so we want to make every effort to get it right the first time!


 OldFlowersWithLamp.jpg (53577 bytes)

"Old Flowers" Victorian Sugar Shade - only one of a kind

Click here for more pictures and details of "Old Flowers" shade shown above


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BlueCrown.jpg (16128 bytes)

Blue Crown with matching pull-chain cord & tassel for bridge lamp  $215  

1 in stock


GishOffWhiteOn.jpg (97176 bytes)

Ivory Gish, 1 in stock

Creamy 'bouquet' silk jacquard with matching bead fringe  $225


LilacsRoses2.jpg (63567 bytes)

Nicole sugar shade with bead fringe, for medium size table lamp  $285

1 in stock

VBCrystal.jpg (36014 bytes)

Victorian Beauty for medium-size table lamp, with 6" bead fringe  $250

Sold - can duplicate


CameoII.jpg (23525 bytes)

Cameo II with glass & pearl bead fringe $325

1 in stock

Samantha1.jpg (55038 bytes)

Samantha with acrylic bead fringe $189

SOLD - can duplicate

LilHex.jpg (78365 bytes)

Lil's Hex (small) $79

1 in stock

GatsbyGracesOn.jpg (86891 bytes)

Gatsby (medium) $139

Sold - can duplicate


DenimRect.jpg (52536 bytes)

Denim Rectangle Cut Corner $139


VictGirl2.jpg (30231 bytes)

Victorian Girl Sugar shade $325

1 in stock

vicbeach1.jpg (19442 bytes)

Victorian Day at the Beach $89

1 in stock

brnwht.jpg (18850 bytes)

Lotus (medium) $189

SOLD  (Can be duplicated)

Nova1.jpg (29654 bytes)

Nova Traditional  $175  (This one sold - can duplicate)


Lace Loop (medium) $179 

1 in stock

lgbtopon.jpg (14388 bytes)  SOLD - can duplicate

Pink Tulip for bridge lamp with glass bead fringe 

see more like it at this link: Haley Uno Bridge Lamp Lampshade Designs


RoseOn1.jpg (37975 bytes)

Rose Elegance $329

1 in stock

GosfordPark_off.jpg (76446 bytes)

Gosford Park

1 in stock $295 

(4 of these lamps also in stock for $189 each.

Birds6.jpg (57533 bytes)

Birds of Prey sugar shade for floor lamp $400  


one of a kind

Tyrian.jpg (51934 bytes)

Tyrian shade for bridge lamp  $259 with matching tassel (Sold - can duplicate)

Plaid.jpg (23250 bytes)

Plaid Umbrella $79    1 in stock

scarlet1.jpg (15682 bytes) Little Old Lady $139

MiniVicBeau.jpg (10562 bytes)

Mini Victorian Beauty with glass bead fringe, Cliptop or Washer Top $139


(Can be duplicated)

RoylLp.jpg (37234 bytes)

click this link to see more versions of the Royal Loop for Table Lamp or for Bridge Lamp



(Can be duplicated)

Golfers.jpg (37022 bytes)

A Round of Golf on styrene, SOLD - Can be duplicated

grntalon.jpg (35646 bytes)

Betty with bead fringe

1 in stock $219


BuffGent.jpg (64425 bytes)

"Gent" (factory-made) for floor lamp (one or two bulb)

Last One In stock:  1 Buff (shown) #05816  $289.00


UnoCone.jpg (20779 bytes)

Bubble Cone for Bridge lamp

SOLD - can duplicate

capobaby.jpg (15792 bytes)

Baby Hearts $425 (large)

Glass Gold & Clear Bead Fringe

BlueLoop.jpg (101360 bytes)

Blue Loop for Floor Lamp with Reflector Bowl


GrapeSS.jpg (21382 bytes) Christie sugar shade with bead fringe, for bridge lamp $200

Amanda.jpg (21061 bytes) Amanda for bridge lamp (Lancelot frame)  $169

SOLD - can duplicate

maroon1.jpg (36913 bytes)

Mardi Gras (Medium Umbrella covered with Waverly fabric, $145

SOLD - can duplicate

1550Nude.jpg (42099 bytes) Pink Cherubs Sugar Shade with bead fringe $189

texasoff.jpg (19094 bytes)

Mini Texas-O frame with champagne beige brocade (small) SOLD - can duplicate   $89

Rose1.jpg (88159 bytes) Rose, on medium "Gish" frame $189

kristine.jpg (32971 bytes) Kristine Sugar Shade $410


Frame Styles

Lampshade makers are passionate about their craft.  There is no end to the creativity that can be expressed in a custom hand-sewn lampshade.   I've heard it said that lamps and lighting are usually the last thing a new home owner thinks about.  Even if you're not a new home owner, a brand new feeling will emerge just changing lampshades on your existing lamps. 

     Many of you have cherished old family heirloom lamps that have been around for generations, and you want to re-create the nostalgic feeling of days gone by.  Whether you have a valuable antique lamp, or a recent acquisition, just knowing a lampshade has been made especially for your lamp makes it special.    Hannah's custom-made lampshades will become heirlooms by themselves!   

     She uses only the finest materials available, meticulous needlework, and fabrics, colors, and trims you select.   We have over 3,000 lampshade frames in stock - all sizes, shapes and styles.   Call for a free consultation with Hannah regarding re-covering and restoration of old lampshades or new lampshades for table lamps, floor lamps, and bridge lamps.     We also carry an extensive inventory of repair parts for old lamps, so if you have an old lamp drifting in the attic that needs to be updated, contact us.   Check the link on home page called "Lamp Parts & Lamp Hardware Index".   Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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