Royal Loop Bridge Lamp Shades by Hannah Murphy

Almost a lost art, Victorian "sugar shades" are not really made of sugar, but tiny glass beads the size of sugar grains, applied to one or more panels of custom sewn lampshades.   Striking results can be achieved with the endless possibilities,  either formal, informal, or novelty lampshades.  Almost any picture or decal can be used.  For instructional video to learn how to make these beautiful lampshades, click here:  How to Make Victorian Lampshades Instruction Video

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Sugar shades are difficult to photograph because of the glare caused by the flash against the glass beads.  The pictures may look distorted or "washed out".   In reality, they are gorgeous!

 Current estimated completion: 5 - 6 weeks.


Royal Loop Sugar Shade

Designed by Mary Maxwell, made by Hannah Murphy

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Hand sewn, Pink Crepe-Back Satin, with 6" translucent bead fringe, "Sugar" beads on four panels with Victorian Roses design.  Corner panels covered with off-white lace. 

Lampshade, as shown  $300

(Lamp sold)

Many restored antique and vintage brass and iron Bridge Lamps in stock, completely rewired and some refinished. Prices ranging from $129 to $500.

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Royal Loop Sugar Shade with Angels

AngelsRoyalLoop  AngelsRoyalLoop2  AngelsRoyalLoop3 AngelsRoyLpTassel


Royal Loop Sugar Shade Roses & Lilacs (Pink & Purple)


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Royal Loop Sugar Shade shown on Leaf Arm bridge lamp

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Royal Loop Sugar Shade for Bridge Lamp




Royal Loop Sugar Shade for John shown on Dragon bridge lamp

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BlueRoyLp3.jpg (163363 bytes) BlueRoyLp.jpg (100001 bytes)

(shown on a North Wind bridge lamp) 

Royal Loop Sugar Shade for John

 Silk Crepe with re-embroidered lace overlay on top and corner panels, glass "sugar beads" overlay on Pansies, 6" translucent bead fringe.

(Sugar shades don't photograph very well because of the glare of the camera flash against the glass beads) 


Some Decal Choices for Sugar Shades

Fairies & Butterflies

2-1/2" x 4-1/4"


Set of 4 different images, 3-3/4" Round



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Large or Medium Praying Angels,


Large Lilacs & Roses


Large Summertime Roses


Large Burgundy Rose


 Large or Medium Pansies



 Medium Cherubs




Sailing Ships - Set of 4 different images

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