Haley Uno Bridge Lamp Lampshade Designs

designed and hand made by Hannah Murphy

Lampshade Division of Across-The-Board Woodworks. Toledo, Washington

Whether your taste is Plain or Fancy Victorian, the "Haley" uno bridge lamp lampshade is a perfect choice for an old antique Jadite or new bridge lamp.  It can be made with or without fringe.  Below are shown some examples using either chainette fringe or bead fringe.

All of our high-quality lampshades are custom made right here in America!  Each shade is made to your specifications for style, fabrics and trims.   Price for a bridge lampshade using the 'Haley" frame runs from $139 to $229 depending on items you select.  Fabrics and trims are custom dyed to suit.  We usually ask for a color swatch (or a paint color chip from the hardware store) to match the color you want.  Turn-around time is from 2 - 4 weeks, but can extend a little longer at holiday rush time.  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!  We will put pictures of your finished shade on our website for you to see before shipping.  Cost of shipping varies depending on your location, but averages $15 - $20 and includes insurance.  UPS is a little slower, but cheaper than Priority Mail.

Call to discuss exact price and your specifications for a Haley bridge lamp shade.

Toll-free 1-888-640-LAMP (5267)

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 Current estimated completion: 3 - 4 weeks.


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Russell K.

"Antique Cream"

 Tea-Dyed Silk Jacquard with matching chainette fringe,  scroll braid and tassel pull

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Ruth S.

"Roses" Brocade dyed burgundy to match Taupe/Rose Teardrops Bead Fringe (Tassel Pull Cord matches - not shown)




Silk Charmeuse dyed "Lichen Green" with Green/Gold Teardrop Bead Fringe




Donna S.

"Plume" Silk Jacquard dyed light Yellow with Copper/Bronze Acrylic Bead Fringe and matching Tassel Pull





"Roses" Brocade, scroll braid, and 5" chainette fringe, all dyed Creamy Beige





"Roses" Brocade (same as Vicki above), with matching Tassel Pull for pull-chain socket


HaleyJack.jpg (37274 bytes)  HaleyJack2.jpg (19283 bytes) HaleyJack3.jpg (32627 bytes)


Silk Jacquard "Feathers" pattern, Dusty Rose, Glass Bead Fringe, and matching Tassel Pull Cord

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 HaleyKevin3.jpg (36830 bytes) HaleyKevin.jpg (29345 bytes) HaleyKevinOn.jpg (42644 bytes)


Silk Charmeuse (light-weight Satin), dyed 'Apple Blossom' with 'Dill Weed' braid, and Green/Gold bead fringe

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  WalterHaleyoff.jpg (77769 bytes) WalterHaleyon.jpg (77473 bytes) WalterHaleyon2.jpg (71922 bytes)


Roses Brocade fabric dyed Taupe, with Burgundy braid, and Taupe/Rose bead fringe

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 UnoLavenderBlue.jpg (40507 bytes) UnoLavenderBlueOff.jpg (59534 bytes) UnoLavenderBlue2.jpg (62425 bytes)



Beautiful Silk "Plume" Burnout Velvet custom dyed lavender, with blue & lavender bead fringe.

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  HaleyEdOn.jpg (118404 bytes) HaleyEd.jpg (90923 bytes) HaleyEdOff.jpg (111573 bytes)


Ed W

Dark Dusty Rose Silk Shantung on Haley frame, with Ivory/Rose bead fringe, and matching pull-chain tassel.

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 JoanW_Haley.jpg (159035 bytes)

HaleyUnoJoanW.jpg (61049 bytes)

Joan W

Haley_JoanWOn.jpg (138022 bytes)
Haley Uno shade with 'Roses' brocade and ombre-dyed chainette fringe to match scroll braid, for bridge arm lamp.


Amanda K

 AmandaK2.jpg (35981 bytes)    AmandaK.jpg (41078 bytes)  AmandaK3.jpg (40512 bytes) 



"Haley" frame (also called 'Tulip')

Champagne Beige Brocade with Cocoa acrylic bead fringe

'Denise' bridge lamp shade

DeniseUnoOn1.jpg (46763 bytes)   DeniseUnoOff.jpg (46832 bytes)


BDavis9.jpg (40115 bytes)   BDavis7.jpg (56948 bytes)  BDavis8.jpg (39808 bytes)   BDavis6.jpg (41420 bytes)

Bridge lamp shade - Taupe & Rose bead fringe & Tassel Pull Cord 

PatMc2.jpg (68454 bytes)    PatMc3.jpg (52565 bytes)   PatMc1.jpg (54461 bytes) "Pat" bridge lampshade

Custom dyed brocade with 'Sunrise' bead fringe


Deanna2.jpg (45417 bytes)      Deanna.jpg (36225 bytes)

Pink Haley (Tulip), for Deanna

Silk Jacquard fabric shade for bridge lamp, with glass bead fringe

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JaditeBridgeShade.jpg (140176 bytes) JaditeBridgeOn.jpg (159090 bytes)  JaditeBridgeShade2.jpg (167446 bytes) Custom dyed silk jacquard to match customer's Jadite bridge lamp

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