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 At the bottom of each catalog page is a link to all the other frame catalog pages.  With over 3,000 frames in stock from all over North America, there's bound to be a typo somewhere...  if you notice any, please let me know.  

 Thank all of you who have encouraged  me to offer more and better lampshades!   Your feedback and suggestions will help me smooth out the wrinkles in this fast-growing "hobby-gone-berserk"!    

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Frames Marked "DISCONTINUED" are still available for pickup at the shop, unless you pay "oversized" shipping charges - based on either 30 pounds or 70 pounds, depending on the size of the box.  The "Garden" frame is the largest, requiring a 30" square box for shipping.

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This page describes frames called:

Whimsey   WT 2.5" x 21" x12" with flush washer Large Frames

2 1/2" round top, 12" high
21" provincial bottom with reversed matching cuff
11" provincial ring up 9", 6 "S" ribs

Merry-Go-Round (special order)

3" round top with flush washer
24" special provincial bottom with 16 sc cuff ring
8 panels & 8 wb ribs,  12 1/2" high


4" top with flush washer,  24" 12 scalloped bottom,  14" high
12 special ribs,  5" tall matching cuff



Garden (special order)

6" round top with flush washer
26" scallop 3" point to point bottom & cuff,  9" high


Belmont  WT (3x13) x (13.5x25.5) x 8.5"

Top: 3x13 racetrack oval, WFL;  Bottom: 13 1/2" x 25 1/2"
16 panel scallop bottom points up.  16 Umbrella Ribs, 8 1/2" high.


Pool Table

4" x 20" rto top, with 3 washers flush
20" x 36" rto bottom & 2" cuff, wedding bell ribs


Monte (closed)

Top: 8" round corner square, WFL
Bottom: 22" round corner square
8 SR on corners with 3-part fancy side panels.


Carlo (open)

Top: 8" round corner square, WFL;  Bottom: 22" round corner square
8 SR on corners with 3-part fancy side panels.  9" height
Same as Monte but small panel at
bottom is cut out..


New Frame Additions  

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SiriAntiqueOn2.jpg (55423 bytes) "Siri Antique"  SiriAntiqueSide.jpg (33787 bytes)

For Double Cluster Floor Lamp


 VirginianFrame.jpg (49907 bytes)

"Virginian" SOLD OUT - Discontinued

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Special Victorian  SpecVictFrame.jpg (64656 bytes) Only 1 available; not powder coated

Oblong shape For large table lamp, or double-cluster floor lamp


Hannah frame with Crown


Another frame we haven't catalogued yet:

"Passion" frame  (Shade made by Pat Carlson)

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Click here to see other shades made by Pat Carlson


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