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These lampshades were made by customers who have purchased frames & supplies from me.  I was so impressed with their work, I wanted to share their ideas and talents with the world!  If you'd like to compliment them on their skills, send me an e-mail and I'll forward it to them.    I'm sure they'll appreciate any feedback.  Hannah Murphy


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Hannah, her son, Dave, and Candy's Mom (click to enlarge)

Candy's lovely work of art on a 'Classic' frame for floor lamp

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Lana's Fine Embroidery - New York


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Click on link above to see more of Lana's outstanding artwork



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A master of the craft!   Each embellishment was designed and hand made using vintage ribbon and fabrics.



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SSRedHat1.jpg (69919 bytes) SSRedHat2.jpg (79631 bytes) SSRedHat3.jpg (64588 bytes)

An exquisite example of needlework and craftsmanship by Sandy, a member of  The Red Hat Society.  Well done!


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These beautiful shades were made by Pat Carlson

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Made by Shondra 


The three shades below were made by Deborah

Click here to see more of her work:  The Lampshade Lady

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There will be more pictures posted here soon.

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