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Floor Lamp & Bridge Lamp Components

Here  you'll find almost anything you need to build a new, or repair an old floor lamp, bridge lamp, or torchiere lamp.  We carry a large inventory, but if we don't have it, we can usually order it for you and have it within a week.

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Hannah Murphy Lamps & Lampshades

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We accept directly credit card payments.

Other credit card payments are accepted only through PayPal.   Call first to determine shipping charges.

We don't have a shopping cart or order form on our website on purpose.  We'd like to talk to you to make sure the items you order will meet your needs for your particular lamp project.   If something is not the right size, Return shipments are costly for you and for us, so we want to make every effort to get it right the first time!


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Bridge Lamps

click on these links to see more Bridge Lamps

Dragon Bridge Lamp

Blue Crown Bridge Lamp

T & J Bridge Lamp

More Bridge Lamps

Bridge Lampshades  

Swivels for Bridge Lamp

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SwivelB514.jpg (7970 bytes)

Standard Swivel  

comes with extra 1/8 IP 3/8" long nipple to attach to socket cap.

Unfinished Brass $8

Antique Finish $10


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Wing Nut Swivels for Bridge Lamps

1/8 IP nipple end attaches to socket cap

Unfinished Solid Brass  $11

Antique finish Brass  $12

Old-style swivels attached to socket cap are no longer available.


SwivelMedium.jpg (8290 bytes)

Medium Brass Swivel

Brass  $12; Add $2 more for antique finish



Brass Ratchet Swivel  $25

Tapped 1/8F x 1/8F each end

Add $2 more for Antique Finish


Click this link for Bridge Arms

  BridgeArmsBrass.jpg (77849 bytes)

Click the catalog picture link above to see many more bridge arms in stock



Bridge Lamp Glass Shade Holders

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Most Popular 2-1/4" Glass Holder

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Shown in Unfinished Brass  $9.00

Add $2 for antique finish



 Husks1.jpg (82263 bytes) Husks.jpg (25053 bytes) Husks2.jpg (64969 bytes)


 Brass Swing Arms

SwingArms.jpg (22658 bytes) A681 8" DISCONTINUED

A682    10" when fully extended           


 LampClusters.jpg (94748 bytes) ClusterHeads.jpg (40384 bytes)

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Cluster Assemblies -

See Sockets link


AntTriCluster2.jpg (23834 bytes)


Antique & Vintage Lamp Parts


Mogul_Reflector_Lamp.jpg (21658 bytes)

This is an antique, but we have new replacement parts for the Candle Sockets, 3-way Mogul socket,  Mogul socket holder, 10-inch Reflector Bowl, Rotary Switches, large Mogul Bulb,  and Candle Covers, Candle Plates (Bobesches)

  If you need a complete 3-arm Cluster assembly for this type of lamp, we also carry them.

This is an old Mogul Reflector Candelabra floor lamp to show the configuration of 3-arm cluster lights, center holder (holds the Mogul socket), and 10" reflector bowl sitting in the holder.  This requires a lampshade with "reflector wires" - little humps in the top cross wires which fit over the top edge of the bowl. 

Click here for another very nice restored Vintage Mogul Floor Lamp for sale


3WayRotarySwitches.jpg (98941 bytes)

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3-Way Rotary Switches for traditional floor lamp

Operates the 3 arm lights on old floor lamps.

2-circuit, 4-position:  Off -L1-L2-L1+2


Floor Lamp Shade

Linda1.jpg (16289 bytes)

A shade with large opening at the top is recommended for the light bulb heat to escape.  A large 3-Way Mogul bulb can create too much heat for a shade with small opening.  This could be a fire hazard, or at the least - it will shorten the life of your lampshade by discoloring and drying it out causing it to disintegrate.


 Click here for Lampshades for Floor Lamps

or here for Lampshade Restorations


Bobesches.jpg (294590 bytes)

Bobesches for Floor Lamp Candle sockets

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  CandleCovers.jpg (49930 bytes)

we usually have a good supply of these 4" cardboard covers for floor lamp candle sockets - white and beige color.

Candle Covers - Call for availability & prices 


Candle_Sockets.jpg (45895 bytes)

Candle Sockets 

(style used most often for traditional floor lamp sockets is the 30759A Leviton Brand)


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 CandlePlatesds.jpg (72751 bytes)

Candle Plates


Heavy Duty Steel Floor Lamp Pipe

with one inch of 1/4 IP thread at each end


click here for Lamp Pipe Size chart

  42"  $10.00

46"  $11.00

48"  $12.00

50"  $13.00

52"  $14.00

54"  $14.50

55"  $15.50

58"  $16.00

60"  $18.00

Shipping tube box  $16 - $20 depending on destination


BrassPipeBentPipe.jpg (103787 bytes) Steel_Pipe.jpg (210490 bytes)


Short Brass Pipe & Bent Arms

(call for prices & availability)

Bent Figurine Pipes are special order.  There are too many types and sizes for us to keep them all in stock. 


Almost all manufacturers have quit making brass tubing because of the high prices for metal.  We're fast depleting our inventory!


 EmbossedBrassTubing.jpg (23249 bytes) 

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comp9.jpg (91025 bytes)



Some Brass Tubing left in stock: (call for current prices - they've doubled in the last year because of volatile metal prices!)

3/4" Embossed Ivy, Brass (discontinued by manufacturer)

   1" Embossed Ivy, Brass

   3/4" Reeded, Unfinished Brass

   1" Reeded, Unfinished Brass

   1" Reeded, Brass, polished & lacquered

   1" Aluminum, antique brass finish

   1" Smooth Brass, polished & lacquered

1-1/4" Aluminum, antique brass finish

Brass Rope, Brass Twist, Brass Hexagon

NOTE:   Evidently, the last manufacturer of brass tubing in the United States finally bit the dust!  We can't find a tubing supplier anywhere in this country!  We still have a limited supply, but when it's gone, we can't get it anymore unless we want to buy a whole boat load from China!  (and we don't.....)


bases1.jpg (267344 bytes)


Floor Lamp Bases

For more bases, click here: 

 more Lamp Bases for Floor Lamps 


11426&27.jpg (10248 bytes) 

click this link for Lamp Columns

Click on any picture to enlarge to full size



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Most of these cast metal pieces have been discontinued by manufacturer - call for remaining stock.


Lamp Breaks

click this link for more Breaks  and Lamp Breaks


OnyxPieces.jpg (36920 bytes)


click here for Onyx & Marble Breaks

Almost all of our Onyx comes from Pakistan.  We've had trouble getting the sizes we want to use for lamp building.  Call to see if we still have what you need.


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click this link for Reflector Bowls

for 3-candelabra with Large Mogul socket Floor Lamps

MogulSockets.jpg (97532 bytes)

Mogul Sockets



For Other Sockets, click here:  Sockets

MogulBulb.jpg (27309 bytes)

Large Base Mogul 3-Way Bulb  $9


MogulReducer.jpg (22166 bytes) D351   $6

Mogul Socket Reducer (allows use of regular medium base light bulb) 

Note:  You lose 3-way capability when using this reducer.



 Socket Holders

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Other Socket Holders for 2-1/4" fitter Glass

Item 10928u Unfinished Brass ($25.00) shown on left holds standard medium-base size turn-knob socket.  Shown here with a Neck Adapter ($6.00)  1/4F IPS bottom, 1/8M IPS top (bottom fits standard 1/4 IPS floor lamp pipe size; top fits standard 1/8 IPS socket.)  10928AB antique finish, $30.00.

Item E463 shown on right is 5" tall, and only holds a Mogul socket.  Hole in bottom slips over 1/4 IPS pipe.  Will not accept a standard medium-base socket, as the turn knob does not line up with hole in side of the holder.  $20.00



click this link for large selection of


          There is a vast difference in quality of sockets.  The "Deluxe" sockets shown below are much heavier than standard, and much easier to assemble & disassemble, compared to the Regular snap-in type socket.  The shell is threaded on both ends.  The captive ring slips over the cap, and threads onto the top of the shell after it is wired.  Couldn't be easier!   If you've ever had to disassemble a regular snap-in socket, you'll really appreciate this feature.   The old stand-by "regular" snap-in socket is fine, until you get ready to take it apart.  Nine times out of 10, you'll ruin the socket trying to pry off the cap or when applying pressure where it says, "Press Here".  The Deluxe socket solves this problem, and is well worth the price difference. 


Electrical Cord Sets

CordSets.jpg (42458 bytes)

Available in 8', 12', 15 or 16' lengths

Click on any picture to enlarge


Reproduction of Vintage Cord Plug with Oak Leaf imprint - Brown  $6.00

Supply Limited

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THolderE710.jpg (38130 bytes)

Torchiere Lamp Shades &  Holders


TorchiereFull2.jpg (24964 bytes)

Torchiere Lamp

click here for more pictures of Torchiere Lamp

click on pictures to enlarge to full size


click here for Seating Rings, Washers, Nuts, Bolts, etc. Miscellaneous Lamp Parts

 click here for Shade Holders for Bridge Lamp Glass Shades

click here for Glass Lampshades for Bridge Lamps


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