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Lamp Sockets



Caution: Electrical Hazard!

Important! You must remember that before you attempt to fit, replace, or remove any of the parts on an electric lamp or fixture you must always disconnect or unplug the lamp or fixture from any source of electricity before you begin. Simply turning the lamp "off" will not protect you from an electrical shock.

If you are not sure how to safely disconnect your lamp or fixture from its electrical source, you should contact a licensed electrician or your local power company for further instructions


          There is a vast difference in quality of sockets.  The "Deluxe" sockets shown below are much heavier than standard, and much easier to assemble & disassemble, compared to the Regular snap-in type socket.  The shell is threaded on both ends.  The captive ring slips over the cap, and threads onto the top of the shell after it is wired.  Couldn't be easier!   If you've ever had to disassemble a regular snap-in socket, you'll really appreciate this feature.   The old stand-by "regular" snap-in socket is fine, until you get ready to take it apart.  Nine times out of 10, you'll ruin the socket trying to pry off the cap or when applying pressure where it says, "Press Here".  The Deluxe socket solves this problem, and is well worth the price difference.

 The Deluxe sockets are far superior to the snap-together style on a bridge lamp, where the weight of the shade is hanging off the end of the socket.

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A lot of old lamps have sockets that have threads on the outside.  These are called Uno sockets.  Now they are widely used only on bridge lamps, where the shade hangs downward.  The Uno fitter on the shade is threaded on the inside, and screws onto the end of the socket.

   Uno Shade

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 Uno fitters on many shade frames are recessed 1" or 2", which helps hide the socket itself.  This is good if you have a pull-chain type socket and using a fabric or hardback shade. 

 If you're using a Glass shade on a bridge lamp, we recommend a turn-knob socket, or a push-thru switch.  If you've ever had a pull-chain snap back and break a glass shade, you'll know why we do not recommend pull chain socket with a glass shade. 

  A Uno fitter flush at the top of the shade provides easier access to the on-off switch. 


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Brass Deluxe Pull-Chain Uno threaded Light Socket for Bridge Lamps

Polished & Lacquered $20

SocketDeluxe Pull.jpg (25595 bytes)  

ABDlxUnoPC.jpg (25015 bytes)

For hand-applied Antique Brass finish, add $4

Brushed-Brass finish, add $4


Regular Pull-Chain Uno threaded Socket

*Not recommended if using a heavy Glass Shade

SocketSnapPull.jpg (30086 bytes)


Antique Brass Finish $15.50

Unfinished Brass $12.50


Socket3WUno.jpg (43664 bytes)

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Brass Deluxe 3-Way Turn Knob Uno threaded Lamp Socket

Antique Brass finish  $24

Standard finish is shiny bright Brass Polished & Lacquered for $20


Keyless Light Sockets

  Deluxe D697


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Brass-plated Shell for standard size bulbs      Imported   $5.00 each


Leviton brand Solid Brass Keyless

40104  Leviton brand, with Uno threads   $10.00 each

40105 Leviton brand, without Uno threads  $9.00 each

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 Deluxe Three-Way Turn-Knob Sockets - NOT Uno Threaded

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    3-way with Turn Knob interior $20 each

 with On/Off Pull-Chain  interior $22each


Dimmer Socket

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These are not kept in stock - but are available on special order


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$35.00 plus shipping


Standard Pull-Chain Angle Socket (for cluster light assemblies)

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Medium Base, Solid Brass, Side Bushing Tapped 1/8 IPS

Rated 250W - 250V  Polished  $20.00,  Antique finish $24.00


Pre-Wired Double Cluster "Fat Boy" Sockets 

When present inventory is gone, we will no longer be able to get the Pre-Wired double-cluster sockets

ClustersPrewired.jpg (119646 bytes)

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$95.00 each

(Separate Cap is no longer available)

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 Replacement Brass Cap with Cardboard Insulator for old style "Fat Boy" Cluster Sockets shown above




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More Brass Light Sockets

 Sockets.jpg (193969 bytes)  

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Fat-Boy Early Style Electric Lamp Sockets - call for prices

Fat-Boy sockets have over-sized bases compared to regular medium-size lamp sockets, even though they both accept the same medium-size light bulbs.  Fat-Boys are often found on early electric (antique) lamps and fixtures.

  Replacement Interior only, Leviton Pull-Chain   $14.00

Insulator only,  $2.00

Long Paper Insulator for "Fat Boy" turn-knob socket to fit Fat-Boy socket interiors.

This -one-slot insulator is intended for use as a replacement for worn or missing insulators.

1-3/16" top inside diameter, 1-9/32" base inside diameter, 2 inches tall.

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  More Early Electric Lamp Sockets

Fat_Sockets.jpg (147574 bytes)


Porcelain Pull-Chain Socket Interior Replacement, antique finish chain  $5.00 each

250V-250W, U.L. & CSA listed.  Requires cardboard insulator $2.00.


Two-Circuit, 3-Terminal Socket Interior only for standard base light bulb

For use with an additional keyless socket on lower part (used on Gone With the Wind type lamps) when you want upper light bulb and lower light bulb on/off separately, or both lit at same time, as shown here:


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D7056 with Cardboard Insulator in stock  $8.00



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$6.00 each

Extends height of light bulb one inch;  solution for clip-on shades that sit too low.


We accept credit card payments directly.  Any other credit card payment can be made through PayPal at   Call us first to determine shipping and insurance charges.


Cluster Assemblies for two or more lights

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Pre-Wired Double Cluster Sockets

ClustersPrewired.jpg (119646 bytes)

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Custom 3-lite Brass Cluster with Deluxe pull-chain sockets

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3-Cluster Assembly, Brass, Antique Brass Finish, Deluxe Pull-Chain Sockets  $129.00 plus shipping

(posts not included)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


with Deluxe pull-chain sockets,  $109  (add $20 for antique finish)


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Custom 3-light pre-wired Cluster assembly, Solid Brass with Leviton keyless sockets  $69.00



ClusterHeads.jpg (40384 bytes) Cluster3Arm.jpg (15579 bytes) LampClusters.jpg (102008 bytes)


Phenolic Lamp Sockets (Bakelite)

Click on pictures to enlarge

ClusterSockets.jpg (174153 bytes) SocketD37.jpg (12715 bytes)  

Call for pricing and availability



D-3879 Bakelite Keyless with 1/8F cap with set screw, threaded shell with ring, Leviton  $8.25

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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D-32 Bakelite 3-way Turn-Knob Socket with 1/8F cap with set screw, threaded shell with ring  $7.00

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Custom Brass Post and Finial for Double Cluster Floor Lamp

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Mogul Lamp Sockets, Holders, Reducers, & Bulbs

Porcelain Sockets

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MogulReducer.jpg (22166 bytes)  D351   $6

Mogul Socket Reducer

(allows use of regular medium base light bulb, but loses 3-way capability.  Light is either On or Off.) 


For Traditional 3-candelabra arms and Center Mogul Bulb

 Floor Lamp Bowl Holder


For 3" fitter 10" diameter reflector bowl.   Takes Mogul socket.

Socket knob slot, 3 set screws, Center bottom hole slips 1/4 IPS

Stamped Brass, 5" height

Unfinished $24.00

Antique finish $32.00

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MogulBulb.jpg (27309 bytes)

Large Base 3-way Mogul bulb for Floor Lamps   $9


For Table Lamp Bowl Holder


For 2-1/4" fitter 8" diameter reflector bowl.  Takes standard socket. 

Socket knob slot, 3 set screws, Center bottom hole slips 1/8 IPS pipe

Spun Brass, 3-3/8" height

Unfinished $22.00

Polished & Lacquered $28.00

Antique finish $30.00

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Candle Sockets

Candelabra Size Lamp Sockets

CandelabraSockets.jpg (62555 bytes)

Click on pictures to enlarge

Flicker Flame Bulbs for Candelabra Socket (we do not carry these - check your local hardware or lighting store)

BulbFlicker.jpg (28031 bytes)

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Standard Candle Sockets

 Click on pictures to enlarge

 for 3-arm Floor Lamp side lights.

 Leviton brand Keyless Socket with Cardboard Insulator    Medium Base, Keyless Candle Socket 3" height with 1/8F hickey.  Comes with insulator as shown above.  660W-250V, UL/CSA        $6.25 each  #48226


  More candle sockets

  Candle_Sockets.jpg (47319 bytes)


Candelabra Sockets

Sockets_Candelabra.jpg (89863 bytes)

Candelabra sockets shown above

Prices subject to change!

30909          $3.00

30909-A      $3.50

30929          $3.85

30930          $3.20

30931          $3.85

30939      $3.00

30939-A  $3.60

30940      $3.80

30948      $5.35

30949      $3.95

30949-A   $4.35

30950      $4.80

30960     $4.30


CandleCovers.jpg (49930 bytes)

Candle Covers - Discontinued (some still on hand - call) 


CandlePlatesds.jpg (72751 bytes)

Candle Plates for traditional floor lamp side lights


 Electrical Cord Sets

CordSets.jpg (42458 bytes)

Available in 8', 12', 15 or 16' lengths in Brown, Black, White, Ivory, Clear Silver, Clear Gold

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