Shade Holders for Glass Lampshades

Although our main focus is on custom-sewn Silk Lampshades, we try to stock many styles of holders for glass lampshades, especially for bridge lamps.  All of the shade holders shown below are not always in stock, but we can usually get them within a week.  Be sure to go back to our Home Page and click the links to our many styles of Victorian Lampshades all made by hand in the United States, by Hannah Murphy.  There's also a link on the home page to glass lampshades showing several magnificent reproductions of Handel-style reverse painted lampshades, and reflector bowls for floor lamps.   There's a separate link for Torchiere Glass shades.    Call toll free for price and shipping information:  1-888-640-LAMP (5267).

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Most Popular 2-1/4" Glass Holder

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Shown in Unfinished Brass  $9.00

Add $2 for antique finish

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More Glass Shade Holders

ShadeHoldersK2.jpg (67670 bytes)

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4" Fitter Brass Shade Holder with classical Acanthus leaves and beaded decoration

BBP4inchHolder.jpg (50758 bytes) Polished & Lacquered  $32.00       

center hole tap 1/8 IP, with three thumb screws  #10794 

Add $2 for antique finish

Unfinished Brass  $28.00


HuskHolder.jpg (56348 bytes)    Stamped Brass Husk Holder

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 2-1/4" fitter for glass shades.  Can be used with keyless or turn knob socket.

$29.00 Unfinished

$31.00 Polished & Lacquered

$35.00 hand-applied Antique Brass finish




E1414 or 10778 Polished Brass

E1415 or 10778U Unfinished

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Shown on left:

Glass Shade Holder,  Brass,  2-1/4" fitter

without Key Slot  (for keyless sockets)


Polished & Lacquered  $18.00

Unfinished Brass $12.00

Antique Brass finish  $20.00



10939U Unfinished Brass $5.00

  10939 Polished Brass $6.00



Brass Loop

 1" tall, with wireway hole,

 for hanging Pendant Lights


(Add  $1 for antique finish)

BrassGlassHolders.jpg (68565 bytes)

GlassHoldersYB.jpg (94182 bytes)

ShadeHoldersK.jpg (58092 bytes)



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PF_NW2Top.jpg (72960 bytes)

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  8" fitter Glass Holder

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Other size fitter Holders

  BrassHolders.jpg (62685 bytes) 



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For Traditional 3-candelabra arms and Center Mogul Bulb

 Floor Lamp


For 3" fitter 10" diameter reflector bowl.   Takes Mogul socket.

Socket knob slot, 3 set screws, Center bottom hole slips 1/4 IPS

Stamped Brass, 5" height

Unfinished $35.00

Antique finish $39.00

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For Table Lamp


For 2-1/4" fitter 8" diameter reflector bowl.  Takes standard socket. 

Socket knob slot, 3 set screws, Center bottom hole slips 1/8 IPS pipe

Spun Brass, 3-3/8" height

Unfinished $31.00

Polished & Lacquered $35.00

Antique finish $36.00

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 beadchain_holder.jpg (15924 bytes) 

Bead Chain Holder 

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Brass polished and lacquered $34.00

Nickel finish $36.00


More Glass Holders

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