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Columns for Floor Lamps and Table Lamps

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Lamp Columns


11426&27.jpg (10248 bytes)

Leaf Column for Floor Lamp,  8" tall

Slips 1/4 IP Floor Lamp Pipe

Cast Metal, antiqued brass finish,  #11427 



  ColumnBronze.jpg (18944 bytes)

 Below:  11421 on top of Onyx Donut

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#11421    9-inch Cast Metal Column,  slips 1/4 IPS pipe.  (We call this the "Genie Bottle" column)

 Antique Brass finish shown on left)  $49

 Bronze finish (darker) shown on right - $49

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Left:  Same column shown sitting on top of

2-3/8" x 1-1/8" Onyx Donut $15

Column $49

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Antique Finish Cast Metal Column for Table Lamp

11-3/4" Height, 1-1/2" Top, 2-1/8" Bottom


See Matching Base at this link: Lamp Bases

See Complete lamp at this link:  Victorian Style Metal Lamp Bases


3Columns.jpg (19244 bytes)


Cast Metal Rope Columns,  antique brass finish

Large:  Top 1-1/8", Base 3", 15" tall M836  

Small:  Top 1", Base 2-7/8", 12" tall  M832 (DISCONTINUED

Square Column, gold finish, 15-1/4" tall, Top 1-1/8", Base 3" (only 1)  M1196      

"Three Graces" Column,  Cast Metal, Antiqued brass finish.  11" tall, Base 3-1/2"    $99.00

This column is back in stock

 with antique finish;

3Graces1.jpg (68323 bytes) 

Can be used for either table lamp or floor lamp



PompeiiLadies.jpg (36499 bytes)

Complete lamp 

(this bottom base has been discontinued)

(glass shade shipped separately)


LionFeet.jpg (22981 bytes)


"Lion's Feet" - High quality Brass four-part base assembly for floor lamp with size 1/8 IPS pipe.

E-5350     Top column 4" 

E-5351      Center Cup  

E-5165      Center CAP  

E-5310      Bottom Base 


Heavy High Quality Cast Italian Brass Break and Column for Floor Lamp or Bridge Lamp, slips 1/4 IP pipe. 

Brushed Brass Column #50222KL height 7-1/2", top diameter 1-3/8", bottom diameter 1-1/2"   

Brushed Brass Break #50252KL  3-1/2" high, inside top diameter 1-3/4", bottom diameter 2"    

Also available in high polished brass

ADRcolumns.jpg (18157 bytes)


2-piece Cast Brass Columns, slip 1/4 IPS pipe 

Left:  6" height, 1" top diameter, hex bulge 1-7/8", bottom diameter 1-5/16"  #E5116    

Right:  9" height, 1-5/8" top diameter, hex bulge 2-7/8", bottom diameter 1-15/16",   E5118  

ColumnsE5118_E5467.jpg (31232 bytes)

Cast Brass

Left:  E5118 described above  

Right:  E5467  9-3/4" tall.  Top Seat 1.5", Bottom Seat 2-3/8",  Bulge 2-1/4" Top Slips 1/4 IPS pipe.    


Columns for Table Lamps (fit 1/8 IP pipe)

10403UColumn.jpg (38819 bytes)

Die Cast Brass Column for 1/8 IP pipe 10403U (unfinished)

6-1/2" tall x 1" top diameter x 1-1/2" bottom diameter


(click on picture to enlarge)

ColumnM1032.jpg (17604 bytes)

M1032 Cast Column, antique brass finish, slips 1/8 IPS.

 8-1/4" high, Top 1", Base 1" (19907 bytes)

Cherub Column for Table Lamp, Cast Metal, Antiqued brass Finish.  6" tall,  Base 3-1/8", Slips 1/8 IPS 

                   M1631   Only 1 left  $19   

RibbedColumn.jpg (29423 bytes)

M321 antique brass finish

8" Die Cast Metal Ribbed Column

Top 1-1/2",  Base 3", slips 1/8"

Only 2 left  $29 each

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