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Table Lamp Bases

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Metal prices have skyrocketed, especially Brass - call for current prices

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Many of the bases shown below have been discontinued by manufacturers because of the high cost of raw materials.   Some manufacturers are out of business.  We're constantly looking for new supply sources to meet the ongoing demand for high-quality lamp bases, but it's been a slow process.  We'll continue to update our website as we obtain any new styles.

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Antique Finish Cast Metal Base #50829   $46.00

6" Bottom, 3-1/4" Height, 2" Top

See matching Column at this link:  Lamp Columns

Click this link to see Complete lamp showing Base with Column:  Victorian Style Metal Lamp Bases  (Item 21070D) 

Heavy Cast Brass Oval Base #5123    $59

Ornate cast Lily flowers & leaves, based on original early 20th century design

Length 8-3/4", Width 5", Height 2-13/16"  Seating diameter 1", Slips 1/8 IP pipe


Cast Metal Filigree 4-footed Base

60414   $25.00  SOLD OUT - Discontinued



 3-1/2" seating area, slips 1/8 IP pipe (3/8"), antique finish, 7-1/2" footprint, Wireway hole in edge, 

Square 28138  (only one left)  $55.00

1" top, 2-1/2" high, 11" bottom



Square 28132 (only one left)  $50.00

4-1/2" top, 2-1/2" high, 11" bottom 

Antique  $35.00 (one available)

Stamped "Hedco, Inc., NY 10, NY

4-1/8" seating area, recessed 3/4" deep.  Wireway hole in edge.  8" bottom, 2-1/4" high


Bases pictured above are Polished & Lacquered Brass  (56629)  $33.00


Base pictured below is Raw, unfinished brass  (56622)   $27.00

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Spun Brass Bases 3/8" hole for 1/8 IP pipe.  4-1/2" top, 5-1/2" bottom

We have two of each left in stock.

Both of these bases have been discontinued by supplier. 


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 Mini Bases

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Beautiful Cast Brass Bases for Victorian style lamps

3 finishes:  Raw, unfinished Brass, Polished & Lacquered, or Antique

 Base10000.jpg (46608 bytes)

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Cast Brass Victorian Base, polished & lacquered  

3" top diameter, 8-1/2" overall diameter, 2-1/4" high, for 1/8 IP pipe


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Beautiful Die Cast Brass, Victorian Style Base

 3-5/8" diameter top (not recessed),  1-1/4" high,

 8" overall diameter

Fits Connector No. 10113 shown below


Base56793.jpg (34687 bytes)

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 Cast Brass (Without Onyx Insert)#10005-56973

 4-1/8"top, 7/8" high, 7-3/4" spread

(Top Not Recessed)


Base56896.jpg (36182 bytes)

Raw Brass finish

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BaseAB10010.jpg (38363 bytes)

Hand-applied Antique finish


#10010 (formerly 56896)

Cast Brass, unfinished  

5-1/4" top (not recessed) , 1-3/8" high, outside diameter 9", 1/8 IP hole

Brass Polished & Lacquered 


Brass Satin Antique Finish  



BaseDocBob.jpg (26342 bytes) 

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 Victorian style lamp base

  5" Cast Brass

Base, 1-3/4" high, 2-3/8" top not recessed

Raw brass finish   


Base10013.jpg (48308 bytes)

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Cast Brass Victorian Base, polished & lacquered.  2-13/16" top, recessed, 8" overall diameter, 1-1/8" tall.  For 1/8 IP pipe

Fits Connector #10110 shown below

Antique brass finish - add $9



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 10014Base.jpg (60819 bytes)

#10014 P&L shown with Onyx (not included)

#10014 P&L without Onyx

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#10014 with hand-applied antique finish  $85.00 each



#10014 P&L  $78.00

Cast Brass Victorian Base, polished & lacquered, 3-5/8" diameter top, not recessed

9-1/2" diameter overall diameter,

1-3/4" height



Fits Connector Rings 10112 & 10113 shown below

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Connector Rings

These rings are for bases shown above with recessed seating area.

 One of these rings fits between the bottom base and the bottom part of lamp (font), as seen in "Gone with the Wind" lamps.

StepupBasePlate.jpg (16845 bytes)


Step-Up Base or Plate, Unfinished Brass

No wire way in step-up bases

These half-inch tall step-up bases can be "stacked" on top of one of the bases shown above to fill up the seating area, and place your lamp base on top of the flat surface.

Since these only come in unfinished brass, we suggest "antiqueing" both pieces to match.  They are not available in polished brass.


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High-Quality Cast Brass Bases, polished & lacquered,  for 1/8 Pipe

(Top Not Recessed)

Call for current prices




S955 (Discontinued)


Solid Brass Insert Bases

BaseBrassInsert.jpg (26070 bytes)


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BrassStepBase.jpg (24177 bytes)


#61488 Spun Brushed Brass  

5-3/4" top seating area,  7" bottom diameter, one inch height





Fish Leg Bases (for Capodimonte or other table lamps) 



Square Bases for Table Lamps


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 #50381 Base50381.jpg (34027 bytes)  $49.00

Cast Metal antique brass finish, 2" high, 6-1/2" square, for 1/8 IP pipe

Matching Column #50380  $47.00

11-1/2" tall, for 1/8 IPS pipe


BaseE5700.jpg (37327 bytes)


E5700 Polished Cast Brass  $79.00

Square 6-3/4" x 6-3/4", Height 1-7/8", tapped for 1/8 IPS pipe, with cord hole.

Antique Brass finish - Add $9


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Base58125.jpg (41290 bytes)

DISCONTINUED - Out of stock.

58125 Antique Finish Cast Metal

Bottom diameter 6-1/4", Top inset 2-1/4", Height 3", for table lamp 1/8 IPS pipe size.



  BaseM129.jpg (109635 bytes)  #0702   $49.00

4-1/8" top seating area, Cast Metal Antique Finish, 7" bottom spread

 (9" measuring diagonally, foot to foot)  With night light hole.

(same shape & style as  M129,  BUT SMALLER)

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* * * * * * * * * * * *


M129  Discontinued - Out of Stock


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Top seating area 5"to inside edge of ring; 6" to outside edge of top




 Cast Metal bases with hole for bottom light pigtail - for table lamps


Vintage Cast Metal Base, 4-1/8" seating area  $29.00

  Item B

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50423  with night light hole

   Base50423.jpg (35894 bytes)

Cast metal,  4-1/8" seating diameter, 2" high, 6" wide, (7-1/2" diagonal, foot-to-foot)  $39.00

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4" insert, 8" spread, 2-1/8" high 

   Cast Metal, Brass Plated & Lacquered Finish  $44.00  two left in stock




Click picture to enlarge to full size 


4" insert, 8" spread, 2-1/8" high

(Similar, except Heavier duty than the 50424)


Base60432.jpg (33255 bytes) 60432 discontinued - Out of stock


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Cast Brass Oriental Style Base

3-1/2" top seating area (Flat - not recessed)

Polished & Lacquered finish

(Curled Feet 4" apart)

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Cast Brass Oriental Style Base

4-1/2" top seating area (flat - not recessed)

Brushed Brass Finish

Click on picture to enlarge

Same style as one shown above

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


BaseRoundBrass.jpg (27269 bytes)

This base has been discontinued in all sizes.

 We have one left in stock with 5-1/2" seating area  $54.00

Fine Quality Oriental Style Solid Brass Base 

Click on pictures to enlarge. 

Call for prices


Lion's Foot Base configurations

"Lion's Foot" - High quality Brass four-part base assembly for lamps with size 1/8 IPS pipe.     Note:  These pieces can be modified to fit 1/4 IPS floor lamp pipe by drilling the center hole larger.

click on pictures to see larger images

     LionFeet.jpg (22981 bytes) 

E-5310 Base only, 9-1/2" spread, 2-1/2" tall, 4-1/2" seating area.  

E-5350     Round column 4"   

E-5351      Center Column Cup  

E-5165      Center Base CAP  

Not shown:  2 pound Loader Weight for under base 

BaseE5130.jpg (64568 bytes)    LionFootBaseOnly.jpg (40470 bytes) click on pictures to enlarge

The dull color shown above is Unfinished Brass; the shinier pieces are Polished & Lacquered - add  $10 per piece.  Antique finish add $9 per piece.

All pieces in stock are Unfinished Brass


BaseM1844.jpg (30823 bytes)

 SOLD OUT - has been discontinued by manufacturer.  This was a very popular, nice base.  We're searching for new supplier.

M1844 Cast Metal, Antique Brass finish 7" diameter, 2" high, 5-1/4" seating diameter, slips 1/4 IPS pipe  



Wood Lamp Bases - Genuine Rosewood, Maple

Genuine Rosewood prices are skyrocketing because of the diminishing supply of raw material.  

 Beware of imitations - some companies sell much cheaper species of wood bases with a rosewood finish applied, but still call them "Rosewood" bases.  

NOTE:  S-1208  5" seating area Lotus Stand - Discontinued

Other sizes available - most in stock


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Chinese Carved Wood Bases with Stain Finish

 (NOT Genuine Rosewood)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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    61167    5" seating area  $25

61171     6" seating area  $35


  61224  Rosewood stain finish  5" seating area  $29

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Click on pictures to enlarge

Chinese Wood Bases - Rosewood Wax Finish - No Center Hole

5-1/4" seating diameter  #1035    $15.00

5-1/2" seating diameter #1036      $16.00

5-3/4" seating diameter  #1037     $18.00

6" seating diameter  #1038     $20.00

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 TLbasesWood.jpg (24328 bytes)

Walnut,  Lacquered Finish (supply limited)


 In Stock


"Lily Pad" Table Lamp Base and Column, cast metal, antiqued brass finish. 

Base #50436  3" high, 9-3/4 diameter   

Column # 50446   12" tall, slips 1/4 IPS   


Click this link for Lamp Bases for Floor Lamps


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