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The finished lamp and the shade will be packaged separately.  All shipping companies are notoriously famous for breaking or damaging floor lamps!  Cost of shipping and insurance will be between $40-$100 depending on your zip code, because we use lots of protective packing and insure every lamp.  Insurance claims are a hassle for everybody involved, so we take every precaution to avoid the hassle!

 Shipping is less expensive if we ship the parts disassembled for you to put together at your end by a qualified electrical technician. 

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pease_base2.jpg (127173 bytes)     

   Blue Crown shade $225 plus shipping & insurance


Visualize this frame finished like the Royal Loop Sugar Shade, with antique roses on Dusty Rose outer fabric, trimmed with dusty rose Braid to match.  Each of the 4 sides presents a "cameo" effect, framing the antique roses design.  The small panels will have a lace overlay.  Bead fringe will be added to the bottom of the frame. Since this frame has a larger opening at the top, you can use a slightly higher-watt light bulb to give you more light for your needlework or reading.  The socket swivels so you can angle the light where you need it.   Note the top fitter wire is recessed, so the socket is hidden from view when the shade is completed. (The other frames shown below are limited to a 60-watt lightbulb.)   Sugar Shade using this frame, $200 

GrapeSS.jpg (21382 bytes)


Bridge Lamp   

#1625 is an oblong shape frame.  

All silk fabrics are custom dyed, so you can have any color you choose.  We also have a lot of other floral decals besides the Antique Roses, and many styles & colors of bead fringes.   Call to discuss your options.

  The Royal Loop is a square frame, with flush or recessed fitter.  Since the top of this shade is enclosed in fabric, it is recommended you use a 60-watt or less light bulb. 

 Finished shade is $225 plus shipping & insurance.

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These three are also oblong-shaped.  #1570 and the Oval Bubble have slightly recessed fitters, while the fitter on #1580 Bev's Bridge frame is flush (level with the top of the frame) which does not hide the socket.  I would not "sugar" shades using these frames;  instead, cover them with a nice silk jacquard with rosettes on front and back large panels.  Glass bead fringe would add an elegant touch.  Price will depend on bead fringe selected - from $179 to $229.



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   We have 50 different styles of Bridge Arms in our inventory - some new - some vintage - some antiques. We have dozens of old lamps that have not yet been restored.  We're working on it!  Click on these links to see some of the other choices.  Floor & Bridge Lamps & Other Components Floor Lamp    Floor Lamp Columns

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