Special  Lampshade Frames

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Antique Frame

5" Washer Top x 20" diameter Bottom

Nine sections

Bottom Cuff  5" tall

Top angled struts are 8" long

Overall height 7-1/2"

Where cuff section joins top section, wire is doubled close together instead of using banded wire.

This is what it looked like before we started restoring it.


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Oval Washer Top, Flush 4-Wire Brass or Brass Plated Spider

5-1/2" x 8-3/8" (outside measurements)


Oval Bottom Wire 9" x 12-3/4" (outside measurements)





  Top 3"

Bottom (1" solid Band at bottom) 9-1/4"deep x 12-1/2" wide

Bulge (widest part) 10" deep x 14" wide

Height:  10-1/2" or 11" tall


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DblOutscallopCrown2.jpg (268081 bytes) DblOutscallopCrown.jpg (289076 bytes)

Top 11-3/4", Bottom 20", 7-3/4" tall plus 1-1/4" Crown

Double Outscallop with Custom Crown 


Large Loop Frame

FrameLargeLoop.jpg (268490 bytes)

10" top, 13" Bottom, 12-1/4" tall



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MiniCappo.jpg (55095 bytes) 

"Mini Cappo" powder-coated frame

7" top, 16" bottom, 11-1/2" tall

8 panels, with   3" x 6" scalloped gallery cuff

$27 (two left in stock)


Victorian Ladies' Hat Frames (shown without washer-top fitters) to be installed before shade is made.

Hat1frame.jpg (34185 bytes)  See shade in progress here

Victorian Ladies' Hat #1

10" top, tapered 2" down to 8", 17" bottom, 14" tall.  (Washer top fitter can be 3 or 4 inches below the 8" ring) 

Hat2frame.jpg (27794 bytes) Finished Lampshade  - click here

Victorian Ladies' Hat #2

3" top, 18" bottom including 3" brim, 7" tall. Washer top fitter dropped 2" 

Click here to see first version of finished lampshade


Hat3frame.jpg (36749 bytes)  Click to see finished lampshade
Victorian Ladies' Hat #3

3" top, 16" x 21-1/2" bottom, 8" tall, tapered Cuff is flat in the back,  3-1/4" in the front.  Washer top fitter dropped 2".  

SpecOctBell.jpg (137027 bytes)

Octagonal Bell

JAoffdone.jpg (79604 bytes) (click on pictures to enlarge)

Same style frame with 6 sections, slightly smaller than Marilyn

Wall frame 36" long, 14" tall.  (click here to see finished shades)

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