Victorian Ladies' Hats Lampshades

Designed for unusual floor lamps made from Lady Mannequins

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RedHatShade.jpg (63769 bytes)Finished RedHat2.jpg (48156 bytes)
RedHatLining.jpg (22175 bytes) RedHat1.jpg (69229 bytes) 
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WhiteHatShade.jpg (34121 bytes)Finished WhiteHat2.jpg (93878 bytes)
WhiteHat3.jpg (87290 bytes) WhiteHat4.jpg (79813 bytes)
WhiteHatLining.jpg (43886 bytes) WhiteHat1.jpg (109988 bytes) 

Blue Hat Shade finished

Special thanks to Gary at Aro Wire Products, Inc. for his ingenuity in creating these frames!
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