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This is a "quick" page  for certain customers who want specific size lamps and lampshades, to get an idea what finished frame might look like on certain size lamps, or different configurations of lamp parts.

  Three pages of Victorian Lampshades are shown at Thumbnail Pictures of Victorian Lampshades

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Pagoda II Finished

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  10" High,  20" diameter at widest "roof peaks"

Bottom Gallery sections:  9" wide

Cupola on top  4" diameter


Components for Mic Stands for John

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#2  Black Marble pieces with 1" Reeded Brass Tubing


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#1 Onyx pieces with Antique finish Brass Tubing




Mermaid Lamp & Shade

  Light Off

  Light On

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  Bridge Lamp without shade $329 (shipped unassembled)


Ready-Made Shade Suggestions

1.  Piped Silk Shantung - Off White  $49

2.  Faux Leather - Fabric Lined   $49

3.  Pleats on Styrene (hardback lined)  $37


Parts for your lamp:


Antique Finish Cast Metal Base with night light hole, 4-1/8" seating area (Only 1 available)

(similar to 50423 which is out of stock indefinitely)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


4-1/8"Brass Holder/Steel Gallery for 4" Glass Ball Shade

(takes 3" fitter Chimney)




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David K.



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Suggestion:  Add "Old Gold" Soutache Trim top & bottom.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *




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Double Outscallop Frame with Custom Crown (only 2 available)

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Top 11-3/4", Bottom 20", 7-3/4" tall plus 1-1/4" Crown




Brass Double Bridge Arm #A-2,    16" long, 6" high

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OnyxWithBase.jpg (22605 bytes)

6" Onyx Base with Wireway, with E5505 Brass Base on top

E5505 Brass Base slips 1/8 IPS table lamp pipe, has seating area of 1-3/4", is 1" tall, with overall diameter including feet 4-1/8" shown here with hand-applied antique finish and lacquered.

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RoyalAngel2.jpg (46311 bytes) Royal Loop frame on Angel Bridge Lamp

OvalWT.jpg (29001 bytes)Oval

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  Royal1.jpg (37227 bytes) 


Royal frame for bridge lamp

6-1/2" Top, 12-1/2" bottom, 10" tall.  Fitter recessed 2-1/2" to hide socket.  Six panels like "Little Old Lady" frame, with reversed scallop gallery.


 Examples of Crystal Lamp Bodies and Bases

Click on pictures below to enlarge.  Dimensions are shown.

6" Bases are in stock in both styles.  

Crystal Body styles #60531 & #60533 are in stock.

Lamp built with either style crystal and base,  

   Your choice of the following:

On-Off Switch, U. L. approved Leviton brand, Brass:   Push-thru, Pull Chain, or Turn-Knob.    Caution:   3-Way Sockets can be used,  but only if your shade will have at least  3" clearance between the bulb and the shade.  Lampshades should have minimum  5" opening at the top,  10" at the bottom to allow heat to escape.   I don't recommend 3-Way sockets that normally use high-heat light bulbs. Besides being a potential safety hazard, it will also discolor and dry out the fabric, which will eventually ruin the lampshade. (I use 40- or 60-watt light bulbs with silk Victorian fabric shades, depending on the size of the lampshade.)

Cord:  8-foot or 12-foot,  Gold, Brown, White, or Black.

Heavy-Duty Brass Harp:  Sizes available:   9, 9-1/2, 10, 10-1/2, 11, 11-1/2, 12 or 12-1/2

.CrystalBodies.jpg (185643 bytes)InsertBase.jpg (80361 bytes)StepBase.jpg (83935 bytes)

The lampshade shown next looks fabulous on a Crystal Lamp

GalloOff.jpg (77015 bytes) GalloOff2.jpg (60079 bytes) GalloOn2.jpg (65791 bytes)

Swallow_Crown_Rosette2.jpg (41437 bytes)Swallow_Crown_Rosette.jpg (41000 bytes)Swallow_Top.jpg (24761 bytes)

Swallow with Crown

Bottom row - same shade with silk chiffon rosettes

Custom-dyed brocade or Silk Jacquard, with matching braid, 6" translucent bead fringe

Swallow_Rosette.jpg (19281 bytes)

(click for larger images)

$400 without Rosettes

$475 with Rosettes

These are all thumbnail pictures...

  click on images to see larger pictures.

UnoRicePaper.jpg (35688 bytes) 

Green Rice Paper   $49

Another Uno fitter hardback lampshade


FinialsSpecial.jpg (49707 bytes)

More Finials

Vader_Gullwing.jpg (27003 bytes)

Left:  Gullwing frame approx 5" x 8" fancy top, 14" x 24" fancy bottom, 8" high. Front and back have rosette areas and 4 leaf-like panels.

Right:  Vader frame - 4"top x 10" x 17" bottom x 6" high including 1" cuff at bottom.

Purple_LyreLamp.jpg (74936 bytes)

Lyre & Flowers Lamp with Gatsby shade

Gatsby shade

Lyre & Flowers Lamp without shade $179 (last one in stock)


GishFront.jpg (22422 bytes) GishSide.jpg (14515 bytes)

"Gish" frame, 2.5" top, 12.5 x 14.5" bottom, 7.5" tall

Left = Front view, Right = side view.  


MongooseFrame.jpg (15582 bytes)

"Mongoose" frame,  6-1/4" top, 12 x 16" bottom, 8" tall  

InvertedScallop.jpg (17849 bytes)

Inverted Scallop    8-1/2" tall

Medium = 14" bottom;  Large = 16" bottom


3scallops.jpg (14075 bytes)

"Jing", or "Double Scalloped Bell" frames - All three sizesSmall "Jing" = 6" top, 11" bottom, 9" tall; six panels

 Medium "Jing" MedScallop.jpg (15240 bytes)

measuring from the lowest dip in the scallops, 8" top, 15-1/2" bottom, 12" tall, six panels


Large "Jing" LgeScallop.jpg (14835 bytes)

10" top, 16" bottom, 15-1/2" tall.  Washer top recessed 2".  8 panels.


Rectangle (oval shaped) Inverted Cut-Corner Bell frame:

 comes in 3 sizes, small, medium, large  (see dimensions on Lampshade Frame Prices 

Rect_InvCCBell.jpg (17847 bytes) Front View RectInvCCBell_end.jpg (23969 bytes) Side view


"Victorian Beauty" on Texas-O frame

Daffodil Uno frame Tracy2.jpg
More pictures of Daffodil on this link:  Bridge Lampshades


   Royal Loop Sugar Shade (Washer-Top frame)

Royal Loop Sugar Shade for bridge lamps here:  Royal Loop Bridge Lamp Shades

Small "Mom" frame (also called "Gaslight" frame) 

 Small Heart's Delight frame

 Antique Uno fitter top ring 1/2" drop.  Bottom Ring 12"  Only one available.

  Antique Uno Shade, Leather Laced, 9-1/4" top, 12" bottom, 8-1/2" tall, original, as is $49

Prices for shades vary, depending on fabrics & trims.    Depending on length and style selected, Glass or Acrylic Bead Fringes usually run at least $50 more than Chainette fringes on any of these shades.

Call for detailed descriptions and prices, or send e-mail to:  

send email to:

1-888-640-LAMP (5267)  toll-free order line        Shop:  1-360-864-2945 

Pacific Coast time zone

(you may get answering machine, but please leave your name and number and a good time to call you back.)

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