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Crystal Lamp Breaks

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3" Lead Crystal Ball Y664

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CrystalBallY664.jpg (10405 bytes)  CrystalBallY664b.jpg (17519 bytes)

Center hole 1/2 inch diameter (fits floor lamp pipe)


CrystalDefined.jpg (141099 bytes) Descriptions of different types and qualities of Crystal


Most of these items are in stock.   If not, it takes us a week to 10 days to get them in.


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Columns and Breaks

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Call for pricing and availability

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Excellent Quality Cut Crystal Breaks - some left in stock - most have been discontinued.


CrystalBobesches.jpg (53475 bytes)


Bobesches - closing out - only a few left in stock

CrystalBobeschesA.jpg (202930 bytes) CrystalBobesches2.jpg (301861 bytes)


Bobesches - closing out - only a few left in stock
4InchSpear.jpg (20741 bytes) photo            CrystalSpearsY84.jpg (35550 bytes) catalog page

Clear Lead Crystal Spear (laying on red background to show etched detail)  #Y84  

 4 Inches from pinhole at top of spear to bottom point (measurement does not include half-inch jewel top)


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CrystalFinials.jpg (72279 bytes)  CrystalFinials2.jpg (127563 bytes) FinialRedCrystalSpear.jpg (18506 bytes) Crystal Finials

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Crystal Lamp Bodies for Table Lamps - have all been discontinued


CrystalClearTeardrops.jpg (28220 bytes) Click for more Acrylic "Crystal" Bead Fringe

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