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3-piece Ratchet Swivel  Tapped 1/8 IP x 1/8 IP

(also available tapped 1/8 IP x 1/4 IP)


swivel.jpg (11006 bytes) Standard Swivel for Bridge Lamp, Brass Ball  1-1/4" height  #75150 or #55029   

Antique Finish $10

Unfinished Brass $8



Brass Wing Nut Swivel for Bridge Lamps 

Antique brass finish $12

Unfinished Brass  $10

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50823Column.jpg (11334 bytes) #50823 Cast Column, antique brass finish,   DISCONTINUED

5-7/8" high,  top inside 7/8", bottom diameter 1"  

 discontinued style)


#11421    9-inch Cast Metal Column, Antique Brass Finish, slips 1/4 IPS pipe.   $49

#11423    Bronze Finish (darker) available  $49



1Base.jpg (21953 bytes) #10075 Footed Floor Base, antique brass finish.  6" inset, 2-1/4" high, 12-1/4" diameter, slips 1/4 IPS, weighs 5 lbs.

#10077 same, with Bronze Finish (darker than brass finish)

#14321  6" Flat Round Onyx Insert    

ADRcolumns.jpg (18157 bytes) 2-piece Cast Brass Columns, slip 1/4 IPS pipe 

Left:  6" height, 1" top diameter, hex bulge 1-7/8", bottom diameter 1-5/16"  #E5116    

Right:  9" height, 1-5/8" top diameter, hex bulge 2-7/8", bottom diameter 1-15/16",   E5118  

johnbase.jpg (30384 bytes) 3/4" Ivy Embossed Tubing &  #11427 Column 

 See Page 1 New Lamp Parts  

5" Onyx break (discontinued)

#10078 Cast Metal Base, antique brass finish, 5" inset, 3-1/2" high, 12-1/2" diameter, slips 1/4 IP, weighs 6 lbs 12 oz.  SOLD OUT

LampDBase.jpg (29680 bytes) Italian Cast Brass Floor Lamp Base, Height 3-1/2", Slips 1/4 IPS, top diameter 1-7/8", bottom diameter 11-3/4", Brushed Brass #60862     

Shown above base,  Cast Brushed Brass Break #50252,  inside top diameter 1-3/4", bottom diameter 2", height 3-1/2", slips 1/4 IPS,     

lyrebase.jpg (41111 bytes) Italian Cast Brass 3-legged Floor Base. Unusual detail of woman's face atop a Lyre Harp.  Slips 1/4 IPS Pipe, Height 3-1/4", Top diameter 1-1/2", bottom outside diameter 14", Brushed Brass, #60872     
lyreonyx.jpg (25256 bytes) (These are high-quality Cast Brass pieces from Italy)

Shown on Lyre Base,

Italian Cast Brass Column #50222 Brushed Brass, 7-1/2" tall,  top diameter 1-3/8", bottom diameter 1-1/2"    (also comes in Raw Brass or Highly Polished Brass)

Onyx Break, 3" round ball  #S661    


OnyxPieces.jpg (21454 bytes)  

Onyx Breaks: Round, Flat, Cylinder, Donut (slip 1/4 IPS pipe)

4" Flat Round  3/4" thick    $20.00

5" Flat Round  3/4" thick     DISCONTINUED

6" Flat Round  3/4" thick      $30.00

2-1/8" x 1"   Donut shape      $18.00

5" x 1-1/2" Cylinder Column   $30.00

(Flat Rounds do NOT have edge cord hole)

 Unless otherwise stated, all Onyx pieces have center hole for 1/4 IP pipe commonly used in floor lamps

Every piece of Onyx is different in coloring and marking.

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