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Lampshade Frame Price List

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SiriAntiqueOn.jpg (50986 bytes) Siri Antique

Beautiful frame for double-cluster floor lamp, or large table lamp.


JingLarge.jpg (70792 bytes) Jing, Large 

(click on picture to see dimensions)  This also comes in Small and Medium size


WhoseSong.jpg (49248 bytes) Whose Song


ccrectbell.jpg (66582 bytes) Cut-Corner Rectangle Bell


  Bella Rose

6" round washer-top flush, 19" bottom, 12 panels, fancy bottom, 7-1/2" high 


  Josh's Diamond (oval)    (7x11) x (13x20) x 9.5" high



washer top, 4 round sides, box corners, 4" top x 18" bottom x 6-1/2" tall


Six-Sided Oval,  powdercoated frame

dropped washer top, 9 x 16 x 10",




Washer top, 8 section shaped ribs, scallops point up, 5" x 16" x 9"


Corsett (oval)

Washer Top,  down 1" from scalloped top, 6" x 11" x 9"


Cameo II (oblong shape)

washer top, 12" x 20" x 10"


Sweetness,  (for table lamp)

 7 x 10" coved corners, raised center oval, bottom 13-1/2 x 18" cc oval - partial oval cutouts on sides 9" high, 8 "s" ribs  


Texas-O (oval shape)

 made up as "Victorian Beauty" shade

Washer top (5x7") x (10x13.5") x 10" tall


 VictGirl2.jpg (30231 bytes) Victorian Girl lampshade

made on  Honey frame (also called 'Doris')

Washer-top oval (6x8) x (10x14) x 9" high


Faye3.jpg (102909 bytes) Antique Scallop, large

WT 18" bottom, 8-1/2" high



Heart's Delight, Large  WhiteHart.jpg (29991 bytes)  

washer top 7-1/2" x 16" x 14"

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