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Jean & Del

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Kelly Lamp Bases for Capodimonte Lamps

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Coronet made into lamp, with 'Lancelot" lampshade




CrystalLamp3K.jpg (100720 bytes)  CrystalLamp2K.jpg (70626 bytes)  CrystalLamp1K.jpg (52950 bytes)

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 BrumleyLamp.jpg (17853 bytes)   BrumleyLamp2.jpg (16966 bytes)


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HaughnAfter.jpg (86225 bytes)     HaughnShade.jpg (92712 bytes)

Customer did a beautiful restoration of this unique table-floor lamp with just a few hard-to-find parts needed,  which we were able to furnish.  When we find the "Before" pictures, you'll be amazed at the improvement he made.  Congratulations, Erick, on a difficult, but wonderful job done!

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WilliamsLampBefore.jpg (47058 bytes)

Before - No shade

WilliamsLampAfter2.jpg (28738 bytes) WilliamsLampAfter.jpg (29480 bytes)

WilliamsLampCenter.jpg (32781 bytes)  After

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This lamp was brought to us in pieces in a large plastic bag!



Lights On

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