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Hundreds of glass replacement shades are available in all styles, sizes, and colors.  The selections in our catalogs are almost endless.    Call or send us an e-mail if you're looking for a special size or design of Student Shade, Torchiere Shade, Vianne Glass Shade, Reverse Painted Shade, Ball Glass Shades, Gas Shades, Cased Glass or Slant Shades, Hurricane shades, or Reflector Bowls.  We custom order most of them and can ship within approximately one week.

Toledo, Washington

Order Toll-free  1-888-640-LAMP (5267)

send email inquiries to:  hannah@toledotel.com

All glass lamps on this page are custom special orders.    

15% Restocking Charge for Items Returned

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All Glass Shades and Lamps are shipped UPS or Priority Mail,  Insured, which ever you prefer.   Even though we pack them all the same -- very carefully -- our experience has been that if the package is NOT insured, it will arrive broken almost every time!  (Ironic?)   It is well worth the extra $2.35 per $100 value for insurance.

All glass items are double-boxed for protection in shipment.   An additional $5 packing fee is charged for any box over 16" cube.   Call to learn costs for shipping and insurance.

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Vintage "Covered Wagon with Roses" Lamp complete with Chimney

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Note:  Pink color on top globe is darker than on the bottom font.  It's the same design, but probably not the original.

Base is new, identical to the original base.

Top globe and Chimney should be shipped separately from rest of lamp for safety's sake.

Lamp complete $400.00

Shipping & Insurance, depending on location, $40 - $60


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RubyGlassGWTW.jpg (33336 bytes)  RubyGWTW2.jpg (29322 bytes) RubyGWTW3.jpg (36541 bytes) RubyGWTWon.jpg (15529 bytes)

Antique Ruby Glass Font, New Ruby Glass Dot Optic Ball Shade  $395 plus shipping & insurance

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GWWFontRing.jpg (35563 bytes)

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Gone With the Wind Wired Lamps

These are not kept in stock - Special Order only

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20383  Acid Etch Green Tint Yellow/Red Roses  $500 plus shipping and insurance



20385  Opal with Green Tint & Fuschia Roses  $450.00 plus shipping and insurance



20386  White Satin with Burgundy & Mauve Roses Hand Painted  $550.00 plus shipping and insurance



20387  White Satin with Victorian Rose design  $550.00 plus shipping and insurance


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Call for additional details - Prices subject to change

CherubBallShade.jpg (33841 bytes)  CherubBallShade2.jpg (25347 bytes) 

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One 10" Cherubs Ball Shade in stock, Creamy Tan background (#05074)   $149



Cherubs Banquet Lamp - Circa 1880 Reproduction


We now accept credit card payments directly.  Any other credit card payment can be made through PayPal at https://www.paypal.com.  Call us first to determine shipping and insurance charges.

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