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 Current estimated completion: 5 - 6 weeks.

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 BlackamoorLamp.jpg (188353 bytes)

Collector's Blackamoor Lamp with custom reverse-scallop umbrella shade


One of the largest shades I've made!

14-1/2" Top

23" Bottom

24" Tall

Custom frame, covered with Ivory "Silk & Spectra" shantung, lined with Peach silk charmeuse, trimmed with Spun Brass & Rayon Braid #161

Nathaniel.jpg (18181 bytes) NathanielOff.jpg (21032 bytes)
Anita_On2jpg.jpg (53779 bytes) Anita_On.jpg (33455 bytes)

Anita_Crown.jpg (26390 bytes)


$395 as shown

For Capodimonte lamps

"Marilyn" frame: 10" across top of crown, 6" at neck,   bottom is 20" diameter, overall height 15-1/2" plus fringe.  Add $50 more for bead fringe.

cantu_off.jpg (41252 bytes) cantu_on.jpg (41915 bytes)

"Linda - Outscallop" frame for 10" reflector bowl floor lamp covered with custom-dyed  Silk Jacquard "Bouquet"pattern, with ombre-dyed        4-inch chainette fringe


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Re-covered frames for pair of Antique Chinese Lamps

Silk Jacquard "Lines" design

MongooseGail.jpg (87648 bytes)

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Mongoose Frame

Green/Gold Glass Bugle Bead Fringe

Brass-edged Braid

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 Phyllis1.jpg (46984 bytes)


Phyllis, with Crown

10" x 22" x 22"

Silk Jacquard "Floral Paisley" with gathered Silk Chiffon in scalloped  gallery.   Chainette fringe and Spun Brass braid

Estimated cost for similar shade $455

57ChevyOn.jpg (42423 bytes) '57 Chevy Collector's Lampshade

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Samantha4.jpg (66484 bytes) Samantha

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DenimRect.jpg (52536 bytes) DenimRect2.jpg (58491 bytes)

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Cut-Corner Rectangle Bell

Top 7" x 9"

Bottom 12-1/4 x 17-1/4"

Height   12-3/4"

Shade is lined, and trimmed with 3/4" denim triple-fold binding.


ErinPansy.jpg (40788 bytes) ErinSugarShade.jpg (49321 bytes) "Erin"

Pansy Sugar Shade on "Grape" frame with honey fringe and braid   $200

One of a matching pair of Custom-dyed brocade, braid, and fringe
Pagoda_II_On.jpg (40329 bytes)    Pagoda II

Custom dyed fringe as requested by customer to complement colors in Chinese vase lamp

$425 - $550 depending on fabric and trims


 Pagoda_II_off.jpg (30278 bytes)

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Designer Decorator Fabric on "Phat Phair" frame with "Antique Loop" glass bead fringe $320

NetsukeWiseman.jpg (48134 bytes) Netsuke2599.jpg (47355 bytes)  Netsuke finials

Left:  Wise Man

Right:  Bearded Old Man

$25 each

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