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This large wall frame,  is 36" wide, 14" tall. Two washer-top fittings accommodate a 2-light wall lamp.  This wall shade was made for a guest bedroom to match antique blue quilt.   There are 9 sections, 4 on either side of the center melon-shaped panel.   Click on each picture to enlarge. 

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Six different Silk fabrics here were custom dyed to match colors in antique blue quilt.  Re-embroidered (bridal) lace overlays the Silk Charmeuse on largest top panels.  Center is Silk Chiffon rosette; the lower panels are Silk Jacquards.   

The hand-made pull-chain cords & tassels,  scroll braid on all struts, and miniature satin roses were also dyed to coordinate with the blues.  Double lined, all hand stitched, bottom trim 4" translucent bead fringe.  Braid on all struts also custom dyed.

$359 as shown, plus shipping and insurance 

(your choice of colors)

Same frame, using chainette fringe instead of bead fringe, and silk burnout velvet instead of jacquards is $329 plus shipping and insurance.

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